Worlds 2014 - Road Trip?

As we all know, Worlds is coming back to the states next year and is going to be in Washington D.C. Now, I am in Southern California, so my location is pretty opposite. I’ve realized there are two ways I can get there: Flying or Driving. I could spend ~$300 on a plane ticket for a boring flight, OR I could spend more money and have a lot more fun DRIVING ACROSS AMERICA.

So, I figured I could do this a few ways. Here are my options:

  1. I just drive my car, by myself, to D.C. It would be fun, but it might get boring by myself.

  2. I drive my car and pick up a few friends. None of my local friends are into Pokemon, so it would be a good opportunity to meet some online friends :grin: If I drove my normal car, finding somewhere to sleep each night could get expensive, so we’d either just sleep in the car, or find cheap motels (I prefer the car, but a motel would be nice because of the showers haha). Costs would be split between all those that participate (only group costs, so gas and motel/hotels).

  3. I rent/borrow a motorhome and pick up multiple people on my way to D.C. I feel this is the best way for multiple people to travel. The only costs would be gas, the motorhome, and food. The motorhome cost will vary depending on if I have to rent it or if I can borrow it from a friend. Gas is gas (ugh). And then food, we can buy a ton of groceries to avoid eating out all the time.

I’d prefer all 3 of these over flying because I’ve always wanted to have a cross-country road trip, and what better time to have it then right before I go off to college.

I’m posting this for two reasons:

  1. Anyone have any advice to offer on my plan?
  2. Anyone care to join me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to let you know the plane tickets across the country is around $500-800

I don’t know how to play pokemon… maybe when i do, you can pick me up since we live an hour apart

Depends on the time of the year and the deal you get, but yeah, your price is pretty much right. $300 was the plan ticket to Vancouver, and my sister flies to New York for ~$500. Anyways, a more expensive plane ticket just reinforces my reasons for driving :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to play to make Worlds worth the trip. There’s tons of stuff to be bought and sold! That’s pretty much why I am going, although I do plan on trying to get an invite or grind in by playing (just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:).

Now’s the time in your lives to do things like this. It’s a very reasonable investment when you consider the lifetime of great memories it’ll bring.
Hope you get 3/4 people to sign up:)

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Will you drive to Canada? -cough-

Will you drive to a pineapple under the sea?

Hmm… Yeah. I’ll get one of those boat car combo things. Should work out fine. Send me your coordinates.

Well, you could fly to LA area. It’d probably be a much cheaper plane ticket depending on where you are in Canada.

Hm… Im going to try and make it this oncoming year. 15 hours away :-):-):slight_smile:

Elam does. That’s why he asked.

I figured that was easy enough to piece together but I guess not…

What’s a pineapple under the sea?

Anything for a Japanese card collector to do at Worlds? I had no idea it would be in Washington D.C. That’s incredibly convenient for me since I just moved to Virginia. :wink:

I live about 3.5 Hours from DC in New Jersey. I’d be down for a meet-up.

I talk about it every day. I can’t wait for Worlds!!!

AHH! I can’t WAIT to see everyone!!!

Reina, do you think it’s worth making a trip of it if we don’t have a lot of cards we are looking to trade?

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I plan to go to worlds. I want my own hotel room, but may carpool with a friend or two. Its only 5-6 hrs drive for me. I may try to sell some cards or other poke-collectibles there - but really I want to play as much as possible. I will bring all my trading binder and as many figures/plush/etc as I can fit (for possible trade/sales).

It is a very fun event even if you do not do the main tournament and just do side events.

Hmmm…at nationals and worlds before, I just spent about the entire time doing pokemon stuff. Except for at Nationals, where at one they had the biggest tilt arcade I have ever seen (IN - I had to play lots of claw machines) and the other Nationals I played in 1 small Wizards of the Coast pirates (buildable card ships) tournament. At Worlds 2004, I had to work Friday and Sunday. But I worked at Disney World then, so it was fun.