Worlds 2011 Grinder info up


  • Single-elimination tournament, 8 invites
  • Played Friday August 12

Ouch. How many are planning on visiting? More importantly (and this is to DJ primarily as I know he is going), how many rare cards are you getting for me?

LOL, omg Dan you have to get me a Pal City set! Oh, and Cally too (if you have to :stuck_out_tongue:)

Good point about Japan though. What’s happening in terms of Worlds there? Preumably another tournament at a later date (hope WCS is postponed rather than cancelled but they’ve got bigger things to worry about :slightly_frowning_face: )

LOL, my list comes first!

I think a lot of us are after the Pal Cities. What a joke that last year there were so many of them, none of us even knew (apart from DJ who was there, obviously).

Have you got your place confirmed Reina? Flipping heck that is exciting if you have!!! Given that I don’t really know any of the elite players, I can be your number 1 fan ;D

Meh, I don’t care what sort of player you are. OK, I am officially your fan!

And yes, I need the Pal City cards. If you manage to get me the ones I’m missing… it’ll be like when DJ sourced me my Latios VS deck. I still need to return that favour!

I’m missing 5 - the ones I have are Pichu/Pikachu, and Hitmonchan/Magikarp