So, after 6 months of searching.
I have finally found a job!
And I finally start today!

So that means I will be bringing in the moola and finally start buying pokemon cards!
And start collecting toys as well.

3 <

I’m excited!


very happy for you

Well done. Make sure not to go silly.


Good job :wink:

Reminds me, I should step it up and search harder myself… Definitely helps with collecting lol.

Congrats! Work it well and stand out. :blush:

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Make sure not to call in sick, take all the extra shifts you can, start no drama and shine.


Very happy for you!

be positive and don’t be afraid to negotiate the right contract. I hope your boss is not a stooge like mine!

Btw, can you let us know what field it is in? or orientated around? if you don’t want to share, I completely understand. :blush:

Great news, and don’t go too crazy too early

So the position is selling ATMS to businesses. To make rates go down and what not. It’s business outbound calls. My boss is funny, handsome, and pretty chill.

I plan on saving some of my money for Kumoricon as well as cosplay. Part of my paychecks will go to my grandmother to help pay for rent.


Gravity Payments?

We don’t pay for gravity in Australia. It’s the only thing our government doesn’t tax.


So, I was just told last night that my entire paychecks have to go to my grandmother.
Which makes me lose the chance to buy some pokemon cards and a $30 dollar tattoo that I was being offered.
; A ;

Are you just trying to get free shit?

I payed Import Tax for one of my Rayquaza Gold Stars. You cant deal with Australian Customs directly either. So I had to pay a Courier company to act as a broker to get my card. Ended up costing me 600 dollars to get my card back. Beware my Friend.


To be honest, you are probably safer off without the $30 tattoo. :blush:


Well I’m sure all us Aussies are aware of the governments intent to lower the import threshold from $1,000 to $0.

This is going to have a significant effect on everything we do online. This change will come in from July 2017.

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Is this soemthing that is definitely going to happen or is it speculation at this point?

It is definitely coming in. The heads of state have met twice to discuss this issue. All the federal government needs now is to legislate it.

This is a form of income the government could surely use, so I cannot see the greens, or even labor, blocking it in the senate.

The weird thing is, we still are not sure how it will be implemented. If they do it like they have in the UK they estimate we could be paying upwards of $17 to buy something worth $20. $37 for something we paid $20 for. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Definitely happening. Federal and State Treasurers agreed on this last Friday, August 21, 2015.

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