Won't be on for a few days..

… Because I’ve organized a Pokemon themed weekend for my lacrosse club. It is going to be awesome!

any of you ever done something similar?

Well, I play lacrosse for my highschool, but we’ve never done anything like that haha

what’s the itinerary for the weekend?

I won’t be on for a few days as well.

Combing lacrosse, pokemon and fun in a packed weekend with all sorts of games. Most of us study at the university and still get into these kind of shenanigans!

Solidarity isn’t lost it seems :wink:

where do you go to university?

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Oh wow. It’s great to see that the sport is growing so much. This past weekend was the college championship in the US, and let’s just say it’s my favorite weekend of the year

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Do you guys play hockey? Usually lacrosse is a crossover for hockey players. Or at least that is what I am hoping for in finding a fellow hockey fan.

Best game ever was Syracuse vs Cornell final in my opinion, a few years ago.

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Against popular belief, most dutchies can’t iceskate. But if I wouldn’t have found lax, I’d be playing icehockey for sure.

I live in Maine (northernmost state in continental USA) and my school doesn’t even have a hockey team…a lot of schools near us do, but there are by no means any hockey powerhouses in Maine. Lacrosse is much bigger than hockey, with almost all towns having rec teams down to pre-K.

Ah I didn’t know you lived in Maine, I know that lacrosse is a big deal there. It is odd though being a northern state and hockey not having a presence. The sport increases in popularity the more northern you go.

I figured it would be a long shot. I know that hockey is more popular in the Nordic countries. I always assumed Netherlands main focus was soccer, which is also a good sport!

Yeah. I live in coastal Maine, and it’s not that big here. Maybe in Falmouth(richest city in the state) it’s semi-popular, but they don’t have much competition. And Northern Maine, where one would think it’d be more popular, is sparsely populated and not too financially well off, so there aren’t any rinks.

Well I hope you have fun! It definitely sounds exciting!

We’re closer than I had originally thought. I live in Massachusetts but I slide anywhere between Boston to Cape Cod depending on the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh that’s cool! I live in the midcoast area, but travel down to Mass for lacrosse tournaments often

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Ah yeah that makes sense. The unfortunate reality about hockey is the money it takes to play competitively. I think people forget that as it does not have the “prestige” as golf, tennis or other popular wealthy sports.