Womp Womp

This Summer, I hadn’t really had a chance to put much time into Pokemon with work and all. On the side, I’m also doing a Nuzlocke Challenge. And during the resulting Bulbapedia visit, I saw that the Pokemon Orchestra was playing in D.C., which is veryyyy close to me. Oh well, I was heading home for the rest of the Summer on the weekend. Oh hey, this past month, my Twitter has been flooded with Imakuni?'s tweets (I obviously have to follow him). Cool.

Today, my brother started talking to me
Hey. I heard there was some Pokemon thing in D.C. this past weekend
Me - Yeah, the orchestra. I was looking into it, but kinda just glad to be home.
Him- Nah - the card tournament.
Me - … (Opens up UPCCC for the first time all year)

Guess my first one will be a roadtrip :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you didn’t know Worlds was in DC?