Wise_wailmer's Trade/Buying Thread

Looking to buy (PayPal F&F or G&S) or trade (shipped or local in the NE USA) for the following English items:

*Wailord ex sandstorm CGC 9.5 ~ $300ish
*Kyogre ex 001 Holo CGC 9.5 ~ $300ish
(Vintage wailmer 9.5s as well if they’re prices decently)

*Gold Star Flareon & Vaporeon CGC 9.5 ~$1100ish each

*English EX era box
Favorites are Dragon, R&S, Sandstorm, and Unseen Forces

I have various items to trade and will add cash to even out trade if a trade is desired.


Bump, changed some stuff around. Looking for the other gold star Eevees to even out my set ideally. Also I’m just going to say my ebay actives are the best way to see my trade inventory, it would be too much work to update pics here as stuff sells.


Would you be interested in PSA 9 of the gold stars, or inly cgc?


Ah sorry this is sorta outdated. I did end up buying a few of them but I’d be down for duplicates. Any company is fine or raw too but at this point I’d most likely just want to trade. I have a ton of new stuff to still list for trade but dm me if you wanna talk!