Windows 8

I just upgraded to windows 8 last night and was wondering if anyone else did as well. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it but it is starting to grow on me. So is anyone planning to upgrade or have any thoughts on it?

I haven’t upgraded my OS yet. I’m waiting for my instincts to convince me otherwise. I still have Windows :laughing:, mainly because a few of my emulator programs are not compatible with Windows 7 – probably Windows 8, as well. I also experienced glitched system permissions which made me a little miffed; if they fixed this issue in Windows 8, upgrading may pique my interest slightly. I’d have to test Windows 8 to see if any of my programs would function, in addition to overall interactivity. I’m not exactly fond of anything that appears too…‘new’? I realize that probably doesn’t make sense, but I dislike devices overtly integrated with qualitative applications (e.g. social media websites, photo galleries, event/interest notifications etc.) I’m definitely a simple type of operator :sweat:

I was thinking of it, but I’m not 100% sold yet… just in case they have bugs etc.

I need to buy a new laptop soon, so keep me updated on your thoughts of Windows 8.

Well after a couple days of use and getting to know the operating system better…I really like it :blush: I have noticed significant improvements in performance and ease of use. It honestly has me reconsidering a purchase of a mac…well a little. I won’t go into any boring detail about it (unless you ask specifically) but after you get used to the slight learning curve of the tiles it is a pleasant experience. So far no bugs or crashes…Ill keep my fingers crossed…after all it is windows :stuck_out_tongue:

@mkpokecc – Is it possible to change the settings for the interface (i.e. size of tiles, removing one or all of the tiles, etc.)? I love glancing at a full art background interface; according to the commercials, the tiles appear to cover up the majority of the background.

Yes you can. You right click on a tile and select “make smaller” or “make larger” depending on its current size. In addition there will also be an option to “unpin” which removes the tile from the start menu. There is also an option to uninstall a program :blush: Some programs wont have size options such as Firefox as shown below. [details=“SPOILER: Click to show”]


@mkpokecc – Excellent, thanks :blush: