Why hide PSA ID?

When flicking through ebay auctions I noticed alot of people cover/hide the ID number on the PSA label of their cards. Why?

So some dishonest person can’t photoshop/or print their own label to make there card appear authentic or have a better grade than it truly has.

The catch is if you are a buyer you can’t check the ID to see if it is legit, but you can always ask and if the seller is a good one they will almost always provide it.

Many buyers think the seller is hiding something and that’s why I don’t do it. By not doing it, and I list hundreds of PSA cards, I’ve never had a problem. Ofcourse most sellers that do that have other legit reasons for doing it and very few are dishonest. I just figure…why not remove all doubt?

See, my boy Mike has his own legit reason and certainly he is as reputable of a seller as they come.
But :wink:
Even though the buyer can ask the seller for the number often times they won’t hassle it and just move on OR it’ll take time to get a reply back and in the meantime they could spend their money elsewhere.

Ah thats makes sense, thanks