Why are Light Packs so expensive?

I understand Heavy for the gamba aspect, but like light packs literally just have all bulk inside yet are ridiculously expensive for a plastic wrapping over them.


Just like the cards, packs are nostalgic and pieces of history. Light packs make sense for grading as well.


Vintage light packs are expensive because they’re scarce. If nobody wanted vintage packs for the nostalgia, grading, pack collecting, etc. they would be much cheaper.


Non-holo ≠ always bulk

For example, for some cards, the non-holo version is rarer.


All pop series packs were “light” because there were no holos, so this example doesn’t quite fit in for the light vs heavy pack price comparison.
I completely agree though, some of the best cards out there are non holos.


Neo lights can have shinings too

Then is this a mislabel?

Its not a mislabel. There are holo pop series cards, but they never came from the pop series packs. They were used as promos in various products:


Thanks for clarification. :+1:

PSA label should state it’s a blister pack promo, like they did for later such promos.


PSA has so many label issues its crazy


Many online sellers were selling the holo version at much higher prices than non-holo version. As it was usual that holo version is rarer, I almost got tricked to fork out extra money for the common, holo version which is blister pack’s free promo (yet stated in PSA label as pop series).

Luckily I did my research homework and got the non-holo version which is rarer as it only can be pulled from pop series packs.

Idk if its any rarer or not tbh. I’m not enough of an expert on Pop series pull rates to really know. Some packs are extraordinarily rare (pop series 5) while others are much more common.

I would just look at ebay sold listings or some other metric to see where the prices fall. Even if the non holos are indeed rarer, they don’t have that beautiful ex cosmos holo and border that people know and love. This could lead to a situation where the rarer non holo is actually less valuable than the more common holo. (I don’t have any concrete examples, but this could be the case)

Before meeting and conversing with you today, I got my answer from reddit that non-holo version is rarer as it can only be pulled from pop 5 series packs

Your posting of the image of blister pack with that promo affirms what I gathered.

Sounds like you’re saying the 25th holo Umbreon :goldstar: would become more valuable than the OG non-holo Umbreon :goldstar: all because many people prefer holo.

Erm, don’t think that is ever going to happen. :grimacing:

Pokebuffet in with the awful comparison to prove his points! Love to see it so consistently :wink:


I wasn’t even talking about comparison of light vs heavy packs. I just said non-holos doesn’t always mean bulk.

is this a joke

Yes just kidding :laughing:

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Life’s crazy sometimes and I’m just on this spinning rock

Back on topic: a sealed light pack is more than the sum of its parts.


Yep. You could say this about heavy packs as well or pretty much all vintage sealed in general.