Who will get the new golden trainer pokeball? Efour member?

Ok Sword and Shield (8th Generation) cards are coming out February 7th.

But some folks are getting their hands on ShSw cards early, some are getting their cards this weekend or next weekeend during the Pokemon Pre-release Tournaments.

Some lucky few will get their hands on the highly anticipated Golden Trainer Ball.

Pull rate? Unknown.

Would be cool if anyone from efour pulls this card during pre-release and is able to show it off.

Or maybe it’s super rare, so we will see it after release on Feburary 7th.

Did you find one? I’d love to see it posted in forums. This thread may be around when someone finds one during pre-release.


What’re you talking about…


Tell me when they bring back Alakazam.


@djgigabyte, You continue to be very wise. This is good to know! Thank you. The person who pulled the golden ball must have been delighted. I sure would be.

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I might be attending a prerelease on Sunday but im not certain yet (I get lots of anxiety in going to tournaments and such, but I went for cosmic eclipse and had a lot of fun so im still debating it) but I have a few boxes and prerelease boxes ordered so Ill see once they ship. Curious to see if Zacian is going to come in that gold art like the japanese set, but im just moreso getting them to get more modern to play around with. (Im also assuming Golden Pokeball was reference to quick ball here also, otherwise, im baffled like @missingno,)

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I share the same type of concern as you @Dizzle . My local pre-release tournament mentioned that I have to play 1 round to get the booster packs. I would be very new to the pokemon deck building and playing… While it is potential anxious moment, surely it will be positive, especially when awarded the booster packs (lol). It does seem cool to meet other local pokemon folks as well. Let me know if you end up going on Sunday dude

And yes I was referring to Quickball

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Will do! And yeah it can be rough, but the payout is usually great in the end lol. I got very good at deck building myself just because I used to play back when Neo was released so I already knew the basics, but also from just playing at my place with my gf and messing with different card combos. Its pretty simple, but the competitive side of it all is a whole other ball game. Prereleases though I found were more my style, as every one has to use the box given to them, so its more laid back and relaxed but its also about finding a good place to play where everyone is welcoming and understanding of newcomers (I live in nyc, so everything is chaotic here which made me drive out to NJ to a game store for the last one I went to which was an amazing environment and much better than here). So yeah, if I end up going ill letcha know how it went and what cards I might bring back!

The golden ball from drake and josh that gives you free movies for a year obviously


Damnit, now im pumped. Thanks for the info here!

I was already collecting houndooms so this sounds great



Exactly what I was thinking of hahaha! Well edited too, man!


Haha thanks, yea it was asking to be made. Although it is competitive, it’s an odd choice of card to hype up. Gotta love the love for it though.

Going to pre release now. Hope I get golden quick ball


Pre release was fun.

I got a golden quick ball

off ebay

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Just a heads up that the price is extremely inflated at the moment because it is a staple in standard, most sought after version and just put back into play. Once it becomes less important it will drop in price and when it rotates out of standard it will drastically drop in price.


Thats how it always is haha. I remember when that tag eam zard came out in Cosmic is started at 200 bucks and now its a nice clean 60 for a near mint copy. Quick ball will hold some value for a bit though as its a great card, but nothing too crazy over time.

Getting ready to head over to one myself in a few hours! A bit nervous here, but my gf is coming along and were both excited! ill update on pack pulls accordingly and how we each do!

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Nice I went solo dolo and it was still good. Have a good time

Awesome! I just got back and ended up pulling The Snorlax Vmax, Snorlax V, Lapras Full Art, Victini V, Morpeco V, and Torkol V so im pretty stoked! I had a great time and helped a new 4 year old boy player (who was with his other little cousin) and it was a blast. No golden quick ball tho haha (Someone got a gold Zamazenta, but that was it)

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