Who Should Make FIRST Offer In A Deal

Cullers stated two of the good reasons. I have two specifically for those reasons.
The buyer ID is in case my purchase goes bad and they deserve and get a negative they can’t in turn purchase one of your items and slam you back out if revenge;)
Two of my IDs sell varied stuff.
Another is for lower prices I don’t want to advertise on the other cause customers might say why would I sell their same item for less to someone else.
Then finally, I have a main one someone else runs and gets a nice percentage on rare stuff as he sells it.

The hard thing is keeping up with it all. More than once I accidentally mixed up my messages which caused a lot of embarrassment lol.

Ah that makes sense. I have noticed the multiple accounts, I just never put much thought into their purpose. I always assumed it was one for buying and the other for selling.

It’s the same thing though for the seller.
I’ve asked sellers for cards not listed individually that I wanted and also asked them for the price. Then they come back with a price which was too high and I didn’t want to lowball them since I’m the one who asked first.
Now if its on eBay make an offer then fine…just make an offer but don’t pm through eBay asking for cheap prices on something else if you’re not aware of value to the point where you can’t make an offer. It just wastes time. Remember, I get a dozen of these requests a day and only a couple turn into sales. So I waste hours for a very tiny return.

If you’re initiating the deal…Do your research. Make an offer. Then leave it up to the buyer or seller to make the next move. And keep in mind…don’t try to lowball everyone. It ruins the game for the people you’re trying to trade with.

Sellers should name their price. Say how much they are willing to sell the card for.

Buyers should not be afraid to make an offer but should avoid making lowball offers as it creates a lot of negative impressions and annoy sellers big time. But this is quite tricky as well.

How much I can offer for a card is dictated by my budget so I’m a bit careful in making offers. I would usually tell the seller how much I can afford to pay at the time and hope that it would be enough to start a negotiation. Keep in mind that in most cases, the first offer is not always the last.

If you ask for a price and the seller’s price is not what you’re prepared to pay, you can either negotiate (if possible) or just politely decline to close the conversation.

I had someone ask me before for the lowest price on a card including shipping. After taking time to calculate my lowest price by removing eBay and Paypal fees, discounting, etc and letting the potential buyer know, I never heard from the person again. Quite disrespectful and really annoying in my opinion.

Valid viewpoint…well stated!