White spotting appearing on a card after grading?

I was wondering if anybody else out there ever had white spotting appear on the blue border of your card after you had it graded. These spots showed up at some point after I received it back. I know they were not there when I initally received it back. Anyway I called PSA and they want me to send it in for review but I don’t want them to alter it from a 9 and the damage is done. Its definitely on the card, not the case.

That is on the card that is inside the case and it wasn’t there when you got it back from PSA?

If that is what you’re saying then I’d recommend new glasses;)

Yeah. I marked the white spot with a sticker just big enough to cover the spot. Shifted the card, and I could see part of the spotting again. I mean I guess it’s not a foolproof test but it was enough to convince me that it is indeed on the card. Maybe I am wrong. I would certainly like to believe that this spot is just on the casing but it just does not look that way to me.

PSA scratched the back of my EX dragon Charizard (multiple scratched) and scratched the foil on my raichu ex and blemished it during my last PSA returns – and I can confirm this since @smpratte was kind enough to record my cards on video before sending them off to PSA, so I believe you there.

I understand they have a lot of cards to go through, but they need to be more careful if they’re handling expensive cards. I don’t think they give two shits though since they monopolize grading for the most part and they know that I’m going to grade with them again.

As to what you can do about it… not much.

That’s not what he said though cman. He said, “These spots showed up at some point AFTER I received it back. I know they were not there when I initally received it back. ”. What does that have to do with your example of something that appeared BEFORE you received it back???

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Oh ok so if I’m understanding it correctly now the blemishes appeared after receiving the card back encased and having it for sometime? Then yeah, it was probably there beforehand (my bad). Do you have pictures of the card post-PSA and before finding this blemish? It’s usually just not realizing it there before (even if it’s as noticeable as that).

Do you confirm Scott? You have video proof that PSA scratched up the back of cmans card as well as scratched a foil and blemished it? Normally video doesn’t show surface problems.

Just in case anybody wants to see, here is the video! Scratches are harder to capture, especially with the back, so the charizard is not going to be easy to see, but the raichu is very apparent (scratching on the bottom right foil may not be confirmed either by the video but the blemish on the 20 is very clear to see that it was not there prior to submission).

And I get it, if I’m going to be sending my cards off with a thousand other cards, I highly doubt there is a process to keep every card in the condition it was in. A prior submission also had both of my lugia holofoils scratched (and I think those scratched prior to grading since they came back a 7 and 8), and yeah I was pissed off but it’s the tradeoff for not getting the cards graded.

Yeah the blemishes appeared sometime after receiving it back. This was not on the card before I sent it, and definitely not there when I received it back. I am not blaming PSA. I just want to know what happened. I stored it properly and this card came from a box I opened myself. I know some people receive hundreds of cards back at once or have so many cards they don’t notice a mark here or there. That wasn’t the case here. I nearly looked at this card daily at one point. I’m pretty proud of it. I’m glad it looks like it hasn’t happened to anyone else though. I shouldn’t have to worry about it happening to another card. Unfortunately I never took any photos of the card after receiving it back. But I can guarantee 100% that these spots showed up post grading.

Gotcha – here’s to hoping it’s actually on the case and not the card then! Haha, generally once the card is in the PSA case, I like to joke that it’ll survive the apocalypse (to people who don’t understand PSA grading).