Which would you add to the collection?

I think no rarity is overpriced, and the porygon is the wiser choice overall. Saying that I’d personally prefer the Raichu haha

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I’d highly recommend the Porygon over the Raichu. As someone who has both, I would personally pick the Porygon as it was a Play Promo predecessor and like @needszeebs mentioned said, it is like a baby trophy card. Plus its a lot cheaper than it was a couple years back. I picked up a 9 and probably paid a little more than I should have, but its a beauty. Just take a look at my Porygon. It even has a swirl :heart_eyes:

I actually just received it !


Very Nice!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Tough choice. I do love Raichu and no rarity so I’d love to own a mint copy of one, I know Cool Porygon is more niche though and a nice unique art which I appreciate too.

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Congrats on the card! Enjoy it in good health.

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Porygon for me. I absolutely love Raichu, it’s one of the first holos I fell in love with as a kid, but i would jump for the unique promo card with unique art. I have plenty of regular EN/JN Raichus with the same art and I’m happy with that.