Where to find Pkm Singles in Portuguese Language?

Hi E4,

i search for Singles of Obsidian Flames in Portuguese. After Research i found Ligapokemon as the only Side which has a good quanitity of Cards. Unfortunally they dont ship to Europe.
The only Thing could do was reaching out to the Seller via Email.
Used the first 10 sides with google searches with either only find merchandise or only a few Singles of older/newer Sets.
Someone have a secret tipp?

@joponnes helped me with a Portuguese eevee

Find a middle man in Latin America. Thats it for anything past wotc era.
You may find the odd seller on cardmarket tho


I think with Ligapokemon you already found the answer. You just need someone from Brazil to help you.

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Does LigaPokémon only ship to Brazil or do they also make shippings to Latin America??? …
I’m from Latin America.

Afaik modern portuguese cards are only sold in brazil so unfortunately i can’t help with this case


I’m not sure if he’s on E4, but @rayquaza.br on Instagram is from Brazil and offers sourcing services for foreign cards when he’s home from college. He has helped me with a few cards from Brazil. 10/10 would recommend


i give it a try, ty for the tipp

i was talking to @rayquazabrazil about getting some cards from there as he is based there.
i havent heard from him in a couple of months however, does anyone know if he is ok?

As others have said ideally you need someone based in Brazil.

Last resort is to setup watchlist on eBay/cardmarket and wait, sometimes you get lucky.

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As far as I know he’s ok. I messaged with him last week. I think he’s just extremely busy recently