Where in the US are pokemon cards printed now?

I thought I would be able to find the answer to this question with a simple Google search but turns out I could not. Does anyone know where in the United states cards are printed?

And also does anyone know if they give tours? I would love to be able to go and see the hustle and bustle of the process of it all! I remember seeing a video on here several months ago on some thread that showed a brief clip of the WOTC printing factory in 1999. It looked awesome! I recall seeing a cart of some sort being wheeled around with massive stacks of uncut sheets on it.

If they do give tours, has anyone on here ever been on one?

I’d be stoked to plan a vacation around getting to spend a day seeing how the cards we love so much come to life! Hopefully it isnt somewhere God awful and boring like where I call home…

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I think PBM graphics prints pokemon cards or at least they used to at one point.

edit- I guess They were bought out by Consolidated Graphics in 08’


2nd edit- Cartamundi also prints or printed pokemon. In the link it shows which companies printed pokemon over time.


If Rudy, and how Hasbro/WotC print MTG, it’s pretty save to say that Pokemon uses at least 2 different locations to print in the USA. And maybe some is even printed overseas (quiet possible speciality cards like Trophy cards are printed by MediaFactory in Japan)

When Cartamundi purchased USPC it was mentioned in a couple articles that they print for Pokemon

At one point some were printed around Raleigh, NC but I do not know if they still are. I know they never did tours though.

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I can confirm that Portuguese cards are printed in Brazil in the city of Manaus and those cards are sold in both Brazil and Portugal.


@neverforget50in07, @thundermoo I had never heard of cartamundi before. I cant find anything about pokemon on their website, so I’m not sure if they print them. They do apparently print magic though? Which I thought was done by wizards, but I guess wizards uses them for the printing?? Maybe I was wrong but I always thought wizards printed their own cards themselves

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@mikejofthecoast, cartamundi.com/en/our-story/
They say they manufacture pokemon and many other cards under their “our story” section.

Media Factory doesn‘t print Pokemon cards anymore since nearly 20 years…

Yup they sure do, I didnt see that in my initial (and apparently unthorough) search! I think I’ll reach out to them and see about a tour! Thanks for pointing that out!

Was looking into this topic and found this thread. The only place that I have found is mprintgroup.com/ a company in North Carolina. Who is owned by Park Communications London I Believe? The only reason why I was looking is that I was interested to see if any of them are on the stock market.

However, they go on to say they only have four presses ( half-decent printers that don’t jam so much). Which I find amazing and makes be believe there are more companies out there.

Some YouTuber made a video about the North Carolina location recently. They were reviewing the promo video on Millennium Print Group’s website. Actually, I think someone posted it here if I recall.

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According to this review, Millenium printed 75% of the supply (I assume of English-backed cards):


A lot of miss information on this thread.

I heard that they print in Plano, TX. Which adds up with the location of the seller that stole the Shiny Charizard VMAX.

They arnt printed in just one location. I’m sure it’s all contract based. Cartamundi, Millennium, PBM (now RRDonnelley), whoever in Texas, I’m sure a handful of other companies all bid on orders.

One of the places is in Morrisville, NC. If you look on Zip Recruiter there is a job posting about it under the name MVP staffing. It doesn’t say the address where the company is manufacturing them but it clearly states it is in Morrisville, NC.

I know where they are printed in the us because my family does the printing of the cards. They just recently got the deal from Pokémon to print the cards and it is located in North Carolina.