Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

There hasn’t been a PSA 10 1st Charizard sold individually for a month. There’s zero listed now…none.

Prior to a couple months ago there were always several to be had…some at really high prices. Well, even those are gone now.

Wonder where they all went and why isn’t anybody listing any? I still get messaged daily for one so there is interest in buying. Just not selling.

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Yeah you are right! maybe people are doing private transactions off of ebay to avoid fees. I’m sure I seen some listed in Australia not long ago.

I feel sorry for your inbox! being flooded all the time haha


Not individual but he might sell it individually.

Yeah, he’s had that lot up several times. Somebody else is selling a complete set. Mainly curious though with where the singles have gone?

Oh ok dont worry that pwcc auction will probably have a shit ton of 10’s at PSA. I wonder how they keep on getting/selling so many 10’s.

PWCC = $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$ $ $ $ $ $$$$ $ $$ $ $$

Probably have so much money and a stockpile from previous investments, they we’re advertising banners globally on ebays front page at one point…

Pwcc bought large lots from me for several years but they didn’t get 10 quality lol.

Pwcc is primarily a consignment auction page. Majority of their items are most likely listed for other individuals.

I don’t recall ever seeing one since I’ve been looking on ebay almost a year ago, except the guy (Gilroy?) who is/was selling 5 complete PSA 10 sets in one lot.

Actually, I still have that lot up for sale but am seriously considering selling one set at a time and singles. I didn’t do it before because I didn’t want to sell it cause it was part of my collection. I just have too much stuff though and it overshadows itself…if that makes sense.
I really hate to do it cause it’s such a good investment to keep aside but since I sold those 9 boxes it’s easier now to do this…

What would a full 10 set go for you reckon? Would love to know what someone would do with 9 boxes!

Yeah don’t see them often. Did see a mint condition ungraded go on Instagram for 450 usd the other day.

thats very cheap

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Yes, very cheap if it’s really mint;)

There’s a PSA 8 for sale on FB. He wants $900


Yes. I’ve seen it. It appears to be $900US as the seller is based in the US.

there are cheaper 8’s out there, i got a 8 for $800 USD a few weeks ago