What's your most recent purchase?

Love seeing the dice and the metal figures !
I will keep an eye out for the other ones !
BTW metal figures you can find LOADS in china on Xianyu (it’s incredibly hard to create your own account and access the access to search yourself but with a middleman it could be possible)


Anyone wonder why the two japanese cards for the pikachu world set is Blue and Green?

I had a theory it could be like a reverse flag color thingy. Like RGB there’s a big Blue orb and then a big Green orb but no Red orb which is the Japan flag. :person_shrugging:

No clue but if anyone actually knows let me know I am very curious about it.

Love that Japanese modern prices have went back to sane levels


I’m guessing:

  • Pokémon’s brand logo is blue on yellow → Blue on yellow (Pikachu)
  • 7-Eleven’s (Japan) brand logo is green → Green on yellow (Pikachu)


auctions have been the way to go lately! I’m now at 2/3rds of the way to a PSA 9 Pokepark Forest set!


Went to a cardshow in New England area and was able to find a couple deals.

3 crown zenith tins for $15ea, i really like the set so anytime I can find it under $4/pack Im happy.

Some full art trainers for cheap with Sycamore actually being NM/M with only a couple pinpricks of white coming through on the back. Such a tough era for clean full art trainers because of how playable they were.

I missed the eevee snorlax tag team tin when it came out so a psa9 for $20 is a steal for me.

Shadowless nidoking… Ive been eyeing the card for 2 years because I love how much the color pops (and the venusaur but I dont think I’ll find that one as cheap). Its MP condition because the back edges and few scratches but for $5 I wont complain.

And then a d edition butterfree from a pile of bulk. A couple back scratches but it looks great so another i wasnt going to complain about.


Wanting one of these for awhile but wasn’t a high priority to track down. One finally popped on in auction so I snagged it.


Nice haul and “d” edition Butterfree! It’s always fun to find gems like that in a bulk pile.


Wow this is so cool! I love seeing unique pieces of merchandise like this! Mind telling me where you found this for my own future auction scrolling? :pikawink:


I’m trying to do with tropical tidal wave 2006 with munchlax in it

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Been wanting a sealed one of these for a while with English :england: always way over priced I find so decided on the German :de: version instead. This also comes in French :fr:.


Unused TMB T-shirt and bandana!


That’s super cool. Congratulations.
Could you give a ballpark of how much these things are worth?
I could see them as both super valuable and quite cheap because they are so niche.


Heritage has sold a few bandanas and various shirts (including these two) id probably look to their sales history for values. Ive seen a few random items sell privately for 1k+ over the last few years but its so few and far between as well as they are so niche as you said.


Pokemon Center Johto Throw Blanket Quilt Vintage

Then could I include any of the pokemon on it in separate searches


I know this isn’t a recent purchase, but it may inspire future ones for people. Quick life update:

Well, I gave my girlfriend the Jigglypuff card, and she loved it! :partying_face: Now it’s our own fun little inside joke and the start of her own collection! I think next I may introduce her to the world of binders and we can start helping her find some other Jigglypuff cards. For you hopeless romantics out there (read: me), turns out this is a great bonding and connection idea, so feel free to let your hobby and cardboard addiction flow into your relationship :laughing:



I love it! My partner has no interest in Pokemon but I gifted her a Sunflora card because she loves sunflowers and Sunflora reminds me of her. She keeps it on the back of her see-through phone case.


Newest edition


Wow. There is a surprising amount of detail for the size.