What's up with the toploader supply?

I can’t be the only one having trouble finding toploaders the past couple months. Every local game store is perpetually sold out, and the prices online are ridiculous with extremely long delivery times. I haven’t had the same problem with other supplies (soft sleeves, perfect fits, card boxes, etc.)… it’s only toploaders. I’ll be okay because I have a few hundred cards in toploaders in my personal collection that I can just unsleeve if I need one to mail something, but it’s still grating.

To what do we attribute this? Supply chain issue? Dramatically increased demand?

Yup :grin:

At my LGS the store owner had mentioned to me, as I was buying a bunch of penny sleeves, that he had the foresight to buy huge bulk when the pandemic started about a year ago. He said that a ton of the supply of Ultra Pro and all that sort of stuff is made in and around there, Wuhan and what not.

He seemed very proud and even braggadocios about it, so take that as you may. But figured I’d share this, because I was asking him why it was so hard to find good priced penny sleeves locally. I refuse to pay $4 online for something that should literally be what it’s name indicates: a penny per sleeve.


I assume it has to do with an increase in people selling cards lately. Especially with those who buy a lot of the newest product to open for the chase cards, then immediately sell.
Also maybe people getting back into Pokemon card collecting that might be going through their old collections to see if they have anything of value, and needing to better protect those cards.
I’m sure it’s probably a mix if things, but with the amount of product being bought/sold right now, it’s not too surprising that toploaders are in demand as well. Penny sleeves are easier to get in bulk than toploaders so the supply is steadier.

Serious manufacturing and supply chain issues, issues with mailing systems, massive increase in demand.

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I stopped using toploaders years ago and converted to card savers. I have many NM/m toploaders stored away. Is anybody selling them like that?

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I remember Rudy speaking about this very issue ~


people are buying ‘used’ toploaders

I’m actually looking for top loaders Gary! If you’re looking to sell them, I’ll buy them

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You got it:)

Crazy, I thought this might be the case a few months ago, but I figured, “Naw, they’re top loaders.” I’ve also noticed my LGS is perpetually low on penny sleeves.

I guess now is the time to put all my 2nd hand ones on eBay!

All them sticky scuffed celotaped top loaders will be the next ‘how much should I invest in’


@politoed666: Yeah, the thing that confuses me is that it ONLY seems to be top loaders (and maybe card savers, too). I’ve had no issues finding other sorts of sleeves at or below MSRP. It’s not clear to me why the supply chain issues and demand increase seems to only be affecting top loaders.

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God bless my abnormal paranoia from almost 2 years ago


The plastic used to make toploaders, is the same plastic used in making face shields in hospitals. So due to COVID the supply was allocated to higher priorities.

Toploaders, graphics cards, literally anything on Amazon - all of it comes from China and the US is still in the middle of an ongoing trade war limiting imports plus there’s COVID affecting supply issues globally.

In addition to the increased demand you mentioned, it’s likely not something that will be solved soon.


That giffy is my new IG photo

Since i’ve become an elite binder collector and have stopped submitting my cards into the eternal dark abyss you can have my toploaders

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