what would you do?

If I spent hours diligently working on something then another person reaped my hard work and is getting all the credit what would you do?

Here’s a twist: that person is known for being great but then always does stuff like this and never gives anyone they steal from credit.

They are also praised for being “great”

Well what would you do? Speak up? Ignore it?

Depends on situation. How comes he’s getting away with this?

If you spent hours working on something and someone else steals it and takes the credit, then no matter who they are you should speak up about it.

Ignoring it is the worst thing you could do in this situation.

Time stamps and conversations are pretty easy to produce. If you can blatantly prove they stole the work, it’s plagiarism and they should be called out.


Here’s a twist. What if it is translations? Then is it plagiarism? I have time stamps haha.

If you worked on the translation, then you should at least be credited for it.

Hmm. Well the person is well known, and like it’s their word against mine, but I have time stamps and stuff.
They’ve been known for taking other’s works before and not crediting them too.

Being well known does not justify arrogance. Give credit where credit is due. It’s the right thing to do.

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I’m on board with everyone else. Give credit where credit is due. Even if your voice rings out in the minority, or has a small chance of being heard, speak out and provide evidence.

You have every right to do so.

What is the situation exactly? and where and whom? and is it affecting a lot of important people around you?
is he/she making large amounts off money of this?

Just depends on the situation/context/country.

But you mentioned translations… that’s such an iffy area… x.x

you mite be surprised, you bringing it up mite be the first step in others doing so as well.

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I have time stamps too?:thinking:

Hopefully Michael she does not make a fuss about it. You are an honest dude who doesn’t make waves and should be entitled to something you did, however big or small it may be.

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I would speak up. If you are respectful about it, there is no reason for them not to “come clean.”



The thing is, is that they are in a really high position and I’m just an internet scrub, per-se

Well, everyone has said that if you have the proper documentation, then you should present it to the appropriate person and sort it out with them. You have said that you are in a David v Goliath type situation a few times. But you should be able to make a decision. You really don’t have anything to lose besides your own pride if you let people walk all over you.

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OK pokemontrader… You get the credit LOL. JK everyone;)


@milhouse PM me?

Thanks everyone!