What series of cards are these? I am a pokemon noob.

My other thread in the Buy / Trade was deleted…

Can Pokemon experts please tell me what series these 2 cards are from… I would really appreciate it, as I know nothing about Pokemon.

To the mod who deleted my thread, would be nice if you sent me a pm explaining why…

Base set.

Thanks for the reply Funkmonkey…

Is that first edition?

How much are they worth?

Ie… Are they worth selling them on Ebay, or should I throw them away…

No, they’re unlimited Base Set. I wouldn’t recommend listing these cards on eBay, they will not sell; really don’t have any value unless they’re in NM/M Condition which these do not appear to be in.

they arent first edition. The 2 pictured are unlimited, which is evident by the lack of a “1st edition” stamp and the shadowed border along the image of the pokemon. Generally speaking, unlimited base set cards are worth less than 1st or shadowless (absence of shadowed border) prints of the base set.

Personally, I try to hold onto my base set cards, as they were the first set of pokemon cards released which adds to there nostalgic value. However, the 2 you pictured are not worth very much as:

  1. they are not rare cards within the set (they are uncommon and common indicated by the diamond and circle in the bottom right hand corner)
  2. the condition is questionable (Mint cards hold more value)
  3. they are of the unlimited print, which generally is less sought after

estimate ~$1-2 on ebay

Hope this helps!

Woo hoo, throwing these babies in the trash, because I could really not care less about Pokemon…

But, appreciate the help boys.