What is your perfect meal?

If you had a chance to to construct and eat what you would consider a perfect meal, what would it be?
Assuming Entree, Main, Dessert, and a Drink.

Entree/Starter/Appetizer: Homemade Garlic Bread with Assorted Dips
Main: Chicken Parmigiana w/ Steak Cut Chips and Peppercorn Sauce
Dessert: Custard Tart
Drink: Lemon, Lime & Bitters

I am cheap, but not easy.


Starter: cinnamon butter and oven fresh rolls
Main: New York strip steak, medium-medium well, marbled well and charcoal grilled with a couple shrimp skewers on the side. Add a sea salt baked potato with some butter.
Dessert: Strawberry cheesecake
Drink: Lemonade


When I did my basic training for the military, in Sale Victoria, we regularly ate at a venue called The Gippy.

They have a range of 27 different types of parmigana/schnitzel.


Entree/Starter/Appetizer: Tea leaf Burmese salad
Main: Minted jalapeno chicken and Basil chili beef using cuts of filet mignon with a side of coconut rice.
Dessert: Deep fried Banana with vanilla ice cream.
Drink: Coco juice straight from the coconut


Entree/Starter/Appetizer: Homemade Mozzarella Sticks & Jalapeno Poppers made from cream cheese and habanero peppers.
Main: Chicken Tikka Masala served over Indian style basmati rice and regular naan bread.
Dessert: Depending on mood it’s between a Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake or a Hot Brownie served with vanilla icecream and hot fudge with whip cream and a cherry on top.
Drink: Coca Cola

My tastes are all over the place I feel. Hahaha.


omg… this is so dam tough! Nice thread Scott!

  1. Entrée - Cheese and bacon curly fries + assortment of sourdough and herd / garlic breads + 1 x maltese ricotta pastezzi

  2. Main = Una la gamberi linguine de aragosta aioli oili - i.e high end mixed crayfish pasta with variety of seafood, oils, chili, garlic, rocket. + jager schnitzel with pillowy mountains of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce…

  3. Dessert: Milk chocolate lava cake - with either a side of cinnamon donuts, or cinnamon churros, or deep fried thai ice cream. Or deep fried honey glazed ricotta balls.

  4. Drink: Coca-Cola… or Watermelon Juice

man… this is too hard… honerable mentions to supreme pizzas / Korean beef bibimbap / Chinese cheese lobster noodles, and fried rice.

  1. Entree - Fresh Honey Lemon Bread with much butter

  2. Main dish - Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup, includes lots of delicious things like onions, basil, steak, herbs/veggies, and other even more delicious things)

  3. Dessert - Mint chocolate chip ice cream with almond cookies

  4. Drink - Sprite (Mexican/Latin American version in a glass bottle with actual sugar, not some artificial crap)

Honorable mentions to the meatball sub from my local deli, straight-up cheese pizza, and freshly caught fish prepared literally any way.


Appetizer - A light chicken caesar salad

Main Dish - Seafood in pasta with marinara sauce (optimally shrimp, mussels, scallops, calimari, and lobster)

Dessert - Vanilla bean cheesecake or tiramisu

Drink - A nice red wine or sangria, or lemonade as a nonalcoholic choice


App - scalloped potato
Main - chicken parma! with fries/chips.
Desert- wildberry cheesecake
Drink - cider


You and me both buddy. Peppercorn sauce and schnitzel/steak. Da best!


starter: different sushi
pre-main : Chinese noodles with thai spicy curry sauce and spring onion
main: one big steak with peppercorn sauce and baked crescent potato’s
dessert: pistachio ice cream, a lot of it
drink: whiskey or vodka lemon

or just a kapsalon (baked potato’s, chicken, salad and a lot of garlic sauce. all in one )


Starter: A big plate of Steak, pico de Gallo, refried bean, jalapeño and of course cheese Topped nachos.
Main: Medium Rare beef Patty Topped with mushrooms ,swiss cheese, perfectly fried Sunnyside up egg and bacon. Gently laid and Topped on a pretzel bun. Pepper and salt seasoned sweet potato fries and a slice of pickle on the side.
Desert: A slice of lemon cake.
Drink: A frosty Stella Artois in a frosted glass.


In an imaginary world where calorie count, fat intake, indigestion and hangovers are never a concern …

Appetizer: Tsukune kebabs (two sauced, two salted) with a Hoppy back
Main Course: Al pastor tacos topped with caramelized onions, cilantro and Tapatio hot sauce, cheese enchiladas smothered in salsa roja, and a “vegetarian” burrito stuffed with beans unapologetically cooked in lard
Dessert: Key lime pie, along with a bottomless bowl of Jumbo brand sunflower seeds
Beverage: Single malt Scotch whisky (the kind without an “e”) poured neat and served with a Lagunitas IPA back


Starter: Polenta chips with appropriate dipping sauces.
Main: Can’t go past a good 750g ribeye with vegetables.
Desert: Frozern banana yoghurt with museli topping.
Drink: I don’t drink that often, but a cold Asahi always goes well with a feed.

Honorable mentions go to:
Beef udon at this local Korean place
4000kj + Enchilada from local Mexican
Any breakfast buffet


you guys posting stuff like this is the main reason I am going to invent a convenient stomach pumping device that allows me to eat non stop

Starter: The finest sushi money can buy
Drink: Soju Cocktail to get me nice and toasty for main course
Main: mostacholi Parmasean and breadsticks
2nd Drink: Large bottle of Wine made from grapes that I grew in my own vineyard
2nd Main: 32 oz Ribye steak cooked rare in texas with typical sides (even though I love me a hunk of over charred animal flesh)
Dessert: If my date and I can still make it back to the teleporter, something involving one of those spray cans of whip cream

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Whatever is in front of me :blush:

Entrée: Bean enchiladas
Main: Bean enchiladas
Dessert: Bean enchiladas
Drink: Pina Colada


Ain’t no dish like some Rocky Mountain Oysters