What is this? Korean Booster Box for only a couple dollars?


Obviously, this seems too good to be true. Is this maybe just a single pack?

"1 Booster Pokemon XY : Wild Blaze

5 Cartes Par Booster"

Yes just 1 booster pack.


oh… sorry. where do you see this? I’m still pretty new to ebay.

Scroll down for the description.

Cartes = Cards as well, just for future reference.

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oh, I had to scroll way down. The page was all white after scrolling down just a bit, so I thought my browser was bugging out or something. I didn’t think there was something at the bottom :s

It’s cool man, no sweat.

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Also: Just a note, I know Korean boxes typically sell cheaper than others, so I think that’s a little on the higher side for one pack

A box should go $20-25. Beware of sellers only selling boxes and packs.

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