What is this card?

In the backround there is a garados card that is right above grande party trainer, and is beside mew trophy and mysterious diamond that cards is hard to see because of the add but from me trying to look at it it has a bug red tongue and looks beautiful. And i would love to know more about this cards/ or trade or buy it. If you have any information Please share it thank you.

Please create threads in the right forum! Thanks

What on earth? How did you know what card it was from that description :thinking:

Background of what? OMG first this and then Wayne asking me about another post - I actually have lost the ability to read! :open_mouth:


OK I got totally freaked out when I was randomly making a post and it completely changed!
I had to change it back, it was hurting my eyes! :stuck_out_tongue: (You get used to it but I wish the background scrolls properly)

Oh, and stop hacking my profile :grin: