What is the Value of This Unopened Pokemon Figurine Set?

So, I have an old, unopened Pokemon Battle Disc 5-pack, water type. From what I’ve seen from the other sets, they’re generally worth around $20 to $40, however I haven’t seen a single example, on eBay or any other site of the water type set specifically. It has Magikarp, Lapras, Blastoise, Kingler, and Krabby. The box itself has some damage, with the top half being fairly bent, however nothing else is damaged on it, and the toys and plastic casing hasn’t been opened or damaged at all.

So, what’s the value of this, if it has any value?

whatever someone wishes to pay is the value of that lol

Do you have pictures of the toys? Thanks.

Pictures would seriously help.
So I can know which brand of figures it is…

@vodka no need for a snarky comment. This member is new to our community. Remember this is a chillaxing environment :blush:

Ohh I loved collecting those when I was younger. They just don’t make toys as cool as these anymore. He’s referring to the following:

wasn’t my intention for it to come across in that manner so if it did ,I apologise

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Ooh TOMY figures. Let me look em up…