What is going on? A Masaki storm hits ebay!

Have you guys been noticing more and more masaki cards flooding ebay? Prices are plummeting! A couple years ago they were nowhere to be found, now they are everywhere!

Are older collectors quiting?

Yeah, that is true… I think it might have to do with it being a hard card to grade. People just cant be bothered get it graded, and just want to cut loses? also it seems like a lot more sellers from japan are coming around lately.

People were paying a lot, so more surfaced. Price goes down as a result.

When it’s low enough to keep sellers away, or the supply is significantly diminished, the price will begin to creep upward once more.

It happens. Quitting is accounted for naturally. Only mass exodus would truly dent the numbers enough for is to notice.


Lol. Exactly what he said… that is a very logical perspective.

I also feel, even though the low production numbers, that people knew this card was a keeper. It took effort to get one, which would mean it would get mostly to collectors who are willing to take the effort. Yet, at the moment, would buying them result in a nice profit later on? How long will the new popularity of Pokemon last? #dare-to-ask :wink:

The masaki set holds its value in condition so many hardcore collectors seem to shy away from anything less than mint. This would explain the rather large price gap you’d see between mint-nm-ex-pl, as the better conditions are so much rarer than lessers. I think its also becoming more well known that grades of 9-10 are extremely difficult to get, but yea there has definitely been a surge lately

Definitely a huge surplus at the moment, even for the NM+/“Mint” cards.

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