What is 1 card you’ve always wanted but got priced out of?

Same answer for me; SNAP pika and illustration contest pikas that will mean I can never actually have every Pikachu artwork in a binder.

Not necessarily “priced out” as it’s not like I ever missed an opportunity on them

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So actually I’ve been trying to work out why this card is priced so highly? I’ve had a copy in PSA 10 that I graded myself back when it came out. Just seen the price recently and wondering if it’s something I should be selling now or holding onto for a while. It never formed a part of my ‘actual’ collection and has just been sitting in a box!

I became deeply saddened when I realized that a Sugimori signed card would never find a home in my collection. I didnt pull the trigger at 400, 500, 500 years ago and now that they’re 5 to 20k its just not feasible unless I dump a sizable percentage of my collection to swap into it. If there ever was a black star promo 13 sugimori though… I’d probably even swap my entire collection for it haha.