What dat?

What’s that little box under our stars? Mine says 10% inside it.

Your purity meter. You must purge any Pokemon card of any disgusting Pokemon from the 3rd Gen and up. :wink:

Lol I’m trying! (for reals)

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That includes Jumbos as well unless they have 1st and 2nd gen pokemon in the art, according to Rule 17 Paragraph 4-5c. :relieved:

I’m a rebel… I choose to ignore that rule. Jumbos are my exception.

That’ll be 1 Pokemon Valley in fines. Please ship immediately to:

Legit Scams Co.
123 New York Dr.
Abuja, Nigeria


Sounds like the prince of Nigeria email scam

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Trust me it’s legit.

I can vouch for him.

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