What are your Pet Peeves in Pokemon?

Might be hated for it, but people willing to spend money on most, if not any, of the 25 year anniversary cards. Just like English cards. It’s secondary (or further out) to the original.

I respect whatever people like, but for me, soon as I see that 25 or any secondary/third form of the same original artwork those .8 seconds of visual memory & inter dimensional vibrations are literally snatched away from my brain activity & it goes to a galaxy far far away.

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You could just call it “good”. :unamused:
Huge pet peeve of mine. 2 = Good?!
Looking at you, PSA.

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Not like it would ever change now as the 10-point grading scale is far too established but I wish PSA had gone with a 5-point scale instead.

1 = Washing machine survivor (PSA 1 - 4)
2 = Decent (PSA 5 - 6)
3 = Good/Near Mint (PSA 7 - 8)
4 = Mint (PSA 9)
5 = Gem Mint (PSA 10)

Just too much of a range between the lower grades that rarely adds any value (unless the card in question is so old it’s only available in lower grades). But even those could be condensed down to varying degrees of “looks like shit”.


I generally agree with this, but I think it depends on the card. For example, something like Umbreon gold star is a bit different imo. if the original card/ only alternative is an incredibly rare, desirable, expensive card; then there is no other way to own that card for the vast majority of collectors. from 25th anniversary, shining karp and gold star umbreon are solid purchases all-day imo (unless they get too close to the price of the original)


Using ‘rip’ when talking about opening sealed product.
“Should I rip or keep sealed?:fire::tired_face:
“Ripped this FIRE box with @charizardballer69xxx on whatnot last night​:ok_hand::tired_face:

See also: ‘cracked’


That and “LET’S GOOOO”

Where? Go where? Why does everyone say that? Who started it? Why can’t someone else come up with a new phrase? Harumph.



I absolutely hate every channel or whatever other social media outlet that does the “pack shuffle” for opening. Cut that crap. I don’t care for the common and uncommon cards. Neither do you, neither does the audience. It’s not a Topps NBA $10,000 box you’re opening where every card is a hit and slow rolling works. You’re opening a four dollar booster pack with a 1/60 chance to get cardboard with value of the pack you just ripped open.

I have blocked and unsubscribed so many channels doing this that Youtube just stopped recommending Pokémon TCG related videos to me.

It became so much the standard, that opening packs with my nephews just isn’t fun any more. I have blasted a full box open in the time they opened one pack.


Stupid kids!! That magnemite common is worth 3 cents! Terrible ROI, loser!!!


Sometimes I like to scroll through r/PokemonTCG just to see what the average collector is up to. Lots of modern, lots of opening packs from Target in the car. I have to say that the number of pictures taken over one’s crotch is unbearable.

Public Service Announcement: Taking pictures of your cards with your crotch, bare feet, or unclothed belly in the frame is a crime against humanity. Your cards deserve better. We deserve better.


This is harsh, but I’m sick of seeing art frames being an extension of the card art. It’s like a Porsche owner decking out in a Porsche cap and jacket whilst driving a 911 Turbo. You’re a full-kit wanker.


I was totally confused as a kid when they started printing some Pokémon as different types. I had a blast rearranging my collection and switching up the way I sorted the cards. One week, I’d organize them by type, and the next week, I’d go by species, then maybe by Pokédex or rarity, and so on. It was a lot of fun, and no matter how I sorted them, it all made sense.

But then, with the introduction of the Neo sets, sorting by type became a real headache. I’d have one Kabuto in the fighting type section and the other one in the water type section. It still bugs me to this day, haha!


Why is this bad exactly?


Drama in the hobby

People that trash what some collects and then X thing stonks and then all of a sudden they are interested in X thing

People that say that the vintage artwork is better than the current artwork

People that dont pay when they said they would

People freaking out qhen 9s and 10s are cracked for binder


We got an ultra rare Empoleon AND Infernape in 2021/2022 but no Torterra ultra rare.

We take the turtwig art rare though.


This is what irks me about sealed products the most. I remember I saw like an announcement saying they were going to move to more sustainable practices a few years back, but I don’t see much change.

People give other card games a bad rap because their presentation doesn’t compare to Pokémon’s immaculate presentation, but the presentation is temporary. At least other card games aren’t leaving leftovers of coins, damage counters, energies, and plastic shells. :face_exhaling:

It seems like a natural extension of people who appreciate the art?

Yeah if you’re a flipper or seller trying to hype it up than it’s annoying, but for those that are making it, what’s bad about it?

It’s the same as those who paint over cards and many people enjoy that. I guess it may be blasphemous to some, but it kinda goes back to how people now appreciate full arts.

My pet peeve is that I wish it was easier to get cards graded eventually I’d like to slab up my collection but the process seems confusing and pricy and not sure what the wait times are like these days for Pokémon cards but eventually I’ll get to the point of submitting cards but also having raw cards is kinda cool too but I’d imagine having a psa 10 is pretty cool too

I’d encourage you to post any questions in the giant grading thread, usually someone is happy to answer/walk you through anything specific!


I’ve consulted Urban Dictionary, and apparently a “wanker” refers to someone who doesn’t store and display cards exactly the same way you do.

This is not to be confused with a “tosser,” which refers to one that inexplicably takes issue with how others store and display their cards.

Hey, how do you display your cards?

I use the “nenya” method.


Nenya business, tosser.

Ah, the nuances of British slang.

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