What are you doing for the Holidays?

I’m curious what other people are doing over the Holidays…

Myself, my uncle and my 2 brothers are coming home and I’m going to be doing Christmas baking, however aside from that I’m just going to be picking up a couple extra shifts at work :slight_smile:

Anyone doing anything fun? XD

I’m going to be moving out of my house.
Additionally, I intend to visit family for at least a few days, work some extra hours at work, as school will be out of session, and finish putting all of my Kaijudo collection into an Excel spreadsheet. I was good about keeping up until the last booster box, which I just haven’t had time to put into the sheet.

As for what I’ll be doing for Pokemon:
I’m going to take the moving as an opportunity to purge my collection of anything unwanted that I hoarded because it had “Pokemon” on it. I’ve just finished sorting all of my cards into bulk boxes, so I’ll get those a little nicer together. I also need to double check all of my sets and make sure I know exactly what is missing in an easy to access Word document because I accidentally purchased doubles a couple of times here recently and that’s money that I could be spending on what I need. No desire to be wasteful.

Finally, I’d like to finish out my english ex collection. Which has been my primary collecting target for two years now. Funding has always been an issue, so it’s been a very slow process. I’m at the point now, however, where the only real issue is finding what I want as opposed to having the money to get it. I’ve already been putting each of them into clean toploaders and Ultra Pro sleeves and they are all sorted into a Toploader Binder. Filling in the holes is all that I’ve got left to do! I’m quite excited. And it is at that point that I will actually post my collection into a thread here. Haha.

I’m going to pray I don’t have to work so I could take my little cousins out to the big mall so we can go on a shopping spree!

The family is coming over here Christmas Eve and then I may be taking a 4 hour trip to Ohio to see half of the boyfriend’s family. Not completely sure we’re doing that yet though. :blush:

I’m mostly looking forward to being able to relax and having nothing to do! :blush: My new job doesn’t start until Jan. 2nd so unfortunately no working for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

My bachelor party in my brith-place New Orleans WOOT!!

I’m going soon to my family and then to our relatives for Christmas. No work/studies, only a few responsibilities and mostly just having fun and eating.

(Laughs) Becoming poor, as usual.

I do not partake in anything too fancy for the holidays – it’s fairly predictable. I always spend it with my mother and father, and sometimes my sister and brother-in-law; those two alternate between us and my brother-in-law’s family, depending on the year. Next week, they will spend Christmas Eve at our house and leave on Christmas Day to spend some quality time with the in-laws.

On the 23rd, I will be teaming up with my boyfriend to create a festive holiday dinner for our friends. We’ve never made a meal of this magnitude before, but I’m sure we can do it :blush: