What are some staple Older, Rarer, Minter, Better cards??

Recently got a pretty significant raise at work, and would like to dedicate a portion of my new income to invest in some cards. Curious what everyone’s go to Older, Rarer, Minter, Better cards are? Mostly looking in the $500- $1,000 range. Where is a good place to start? Show me what you guys have. Thanks!!

Base set unlimited

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would be a lot easier for good answers if you share what you like the most:
English / Japanese?
Set / Promo?
Are you willing to wait for bigger cards/Stuff and not buy 1 or 2 month or want more joy and plan to use your money every month?

most Joy for me is Southern Islands( japanese sets arround 500/600 Sealed) or the english one 2-3k Sealed
Neo premium Files 1-3 / PokePark / Vs series
Unluckily I dont know your Taste. Since i see the Word " Invest" i can garantie these Products are loved and i would buy them in 20 Years too even when they would cost a lot more

Gotta get that PSA 9 Jungle Eevee 1st edition

All whatshouldibuys need to go here please: