What 5 cards under $999 would you grade?

PSA recently ran a special “drop” where collector club members could queue up to win 5 submissions at $50/ea, with a cap of $999 per card

Which 5 cards would you submit?

(yes, this is a “show off your stuff” thread, but with extra rules :wink: )

The 3 cards I would consider submitting are my Stamp box promos and my 2018 Staff Champions Festival. Seeing as how I don’t have a membership and am in no rush to grade, I’m waiting for submission prices to come down :sweat_smile:

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Either YOLOing it with something outrageously expensive and cross my fingers that I’ll avoid upcharges or something boring that is unlikely to be worth much more or much less than $999, something from Fossil maybe.

That is, if I won 5 submissions at $50/ea, which I didn’t.

I got lucky and secured a 5-card allocation, so I will do you one better and show the cards I will be submitting! I am very excited for more affordable submission options to open up, most of my cards I will send in in the under-$500 value tier when it eventually opens, but $50/card isn’t all that bad.

The Charizard is a very clean copy and I am hoping for a 10. The only thing I see is that the centering is a bit off, but it doesn’t seem too bad. One recently sold for just over $1k so I am hoping if this gets a 10 it squeaks by. The two gold stars I am very excited to send off, more for my personal collection purposes. Kyogre I am hoping for a 9, just has some slight wear on the edges. The Gyarados I am expecting an 8, but . I kept seeing prices going up for this card so decided to pull the trigger on a NM-Mint copy for the collection. The crystal Golem is super clean and I would be surprised if it does not get a 10. The Kabutops has a very tiny corner ding, so I am expecting a 9 but I have seen worse 10s and could see it going there.


I would send 5 unopened packs so I could get some of that sweet third-party BBCE authentication.

Here’s my 5! The sample cards I think could skate under the $999 limit, and I have no idea on the top 32s so I’d probably just cross my fingers there


Prob 5 raw bulbasaurs. Mainly the korean/chinese ones i have. Even if they 10 i can’t get upcharged for non existent prices since most are a pop 1 or don’t exist. Maybe would send off a few shadowless zards i have too that i know would come back a 5 or less… Still rather just keep em for arita signings or binder tho tbh.