Weirdest/funniest/most interesting selling experience?

for me: selling the jp stamp box promos for cash at a mcdonalds. Both the pikachu and cramorant were PSA 10 and the buyer was looking to re-grade for the BGS black label.

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Buyer asking if I could break slab because he wanted only raw card for his binder collection. :joy:

I told him, sure he could do anything to the slab after he has paid. But mine was PSA 9 or 10 IIRC, and he only wanted to pay raw card price.


I’ve had a few people ask to sign a graded card they won. When I was doing consignments through eBay, I usually had a few people each block who wanted a signed energy card with their order, but I was worried signing the case wouldn’t pass eBay authenticity. I ended up chickening out and they got the standard signed energy card instead. :upside_down_face:

Oh and not a sale but related to a listing, I had a lady mail me a handwritten letter that my psa 9 illustrator was stolen from her kid at daycare. I still have the letter somewhere.


Is that the Pikachu Illustrator? If I were her, I would never hand that card to any toddler, regardless where he’s going.

Dude please post that letter when you get a chance, that’s hilarious


I agree we need to see that letter

I actually found the post from a few years back, here is the letter:


It’s heartwarming when the possibility of reuniting someone with a long lost cherished item comes along. It makes you feel all warm and gooey inside. :slight_smile:


Scott making kids dreams come to life since 1999


One time at a local trade night I sold a couple hundred dollars worth of cards to two 12 year old boys who had their own sellers table. It felt weird to accept cash from middleschoolers. :boy: :boy:


I feel you, had same experience selling to a teenager (in the pre-sale chat, he told me he’s still schooling) and I felt awkward too like you did…

… until he came to the meetup in his daddy’s big luxury car. All feelings of uneasiness resolved.


Make the family whole again. They have lived too long with this hole in their hearts.

(As an aside, this is certainly an… interesting… approach. Kudos to their creativity!)

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This has viral video written all over it. You should mix in some personal stories to your repertoire of YouTube content.


Well damn, I also lost my gold trophy pikachu at daycare at a similar time. What a small world.