Web series for gb collection?

Anyone think that the web Tangela and Electrode are necessary for a complete GB collection?

I think any card that has the GB symbol on the card is part of the GB collection.

Here is the list of cards with the GB symbol:
Dark Ivysaur
Dark Venusaur
Great Rocket’s Mewtwo:
Dark Fearow

True, but the tangela and electrode were exclusive to the tcg game for gb but only released as cards in the web series. just a personal controversy :open_mouth:

Personally, I wouldn’t say they are necessary for a GB collection for me, it’s only the cards with the GB set symbol that should be necessary. Otherwise, cards like the Web Electrode and Tangela, and to a lesser extent the TMB phone card bird trio would potentially be something a hardcore GB fan might consider, although definitely not the norm. On the other hand, some wouldn’t even associate them with GB cards by that token.

Either way, I have a huge fascination with GB cards, mostly because my Pokemon card childhood was quantitatively mostly the Game Boy Trading Card Game (which was amazing). Great memories there :blush:

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Exactly. I think what matters are the sets in which the cards were released. WEB is one thing, and GB is the other. If you go after what has been a GameBoy TCG exclusive then we have to speak about these ↓ too. Just too bad that they have never been printed, I would spend a fortune on that Pidgeot! Nonetheless this is such an amazing selection of cards and artwork and I think it ranks somewhere along the Masaki or Quick Starter gift set!

AWESOME CARDS! I want Pidgeot!!! Now I would to get them…
Thanks for sharing :wink:

I love Sugimori’s early artwork for the original 151. He’s got that classic nostalgia-y style that makes the pokemon look so cool. I mean look at CD Charizard, GB Dragonite, and Parent/Child Kangaskhan! I wish there was a complete set using this artwork, but til then i wont have that pidgeot either :slightly_frowning_face:


There is a set of cards that are all Sugimori’s work, it’s just non TCG. bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pocket_Monsters_Carddass_Trading_Cards

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Those GB cards that were never printed are the kinds of things a collector dreams about 8D …or at least I do :wink:

I do love the Carddass files because of the artwork being based on moves from the game. Dream eater gengar!! 8D But the TCG set I’d really like to see would be one using the art from the Bandai 1997 sticker cards or Tomy scratch cards

Bandai 1997 StickersTomy Scratch

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the answer is yes, of course. After all with electrode and tangela it comes out to a perfect 10 cards


Yeah ! Is it an ad for the fossil set ? Where do you find it ?

@linkdu83 Here’s the link: blogs.yahoo.co.jp/elementalblastsor/32512810.html

You will enjoy the web page!

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Thanks, I didn’t have this blog in my favorites, this is a gold mine with beautiful pictures and explanations :blush:

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Hold on a second, that bug thing… is that a Beta Pokemon?

Maybe someone can translate that page for us?