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I hope this isn’t a duplicate thread…didn’t see anything. Anyways, do we have any watch collectors here on this forum? I know it gets labeled as an “old mans hobby” (to which I don’t necessarily agree with) but I was interested to see if anyone else has an appreciation for timepieces. I have a penchant for vintage Rolex myself :blush:

For about a year I was selling vintage pocket watches (1860-1920) for a friend and went through hundreds. I learned a great deal about the popular brands and values of specific models. Still kept a few that I found unique for myself. Have not dived into wrist watches yet as I have very expensive taste, but not much disposable income for this level of product.

Thats awesome! I have not really dabbled with pocket watches much, though I do find them very beautiful. I have always stuck to wrist watches. That is very true, prices can be quite crazy for certain brands and models, but there are some great watches to be had without breaking the bank too much. What would you go for if you had the funds?

Hugely disagree with it being an old man’s hobby!

Watch collecting is awesome, but currently out of my budget (hehe I wonder why)…

I too, like vintage watches! Unfortunately though, good quality watches are almost always four figures or a lot more (especially for Rolex), making it too expensive for my taste at the moment. I’m also not willing to spend on a bunch of inexpensive watches, effectively making me get stuck in limbo.

How many vintage rolexes do you have Mike? :wink:

Yeah good quality ones are so hard to find! You need to worry about originality, if the dial has been refurbished, hands re-lumed, polished etc. etc…and if it has original paperwork. For me I am a little forgiving on condition and paperwork so as long as everything checks out, runs well and isn’t polished to death.

At the moment I only have three, nothing too crazy or super high end and far from museum pieces…but I enjoy them nonetheless. I would LOVE to move into a vintage pre-daytona/ Daytona. Ref. 6238/6239 or 6265. But alas they are sooo expensive!

Luckily for me, I am in good terms with my local premium watch shop so they can look at condition/originality/paperwork for me! However, buying vintage watches are still way over my head so I tend to browse at certified vintage stores, which when traveling to Japan is very common!

The most important is that you’re enjoying them! Ouf, that’s a tough call for me, but yeah, a vintage pre-daytona is extremely expensive I see why selling the illustrator is necessary…I don’t see them getting cheaper either. I wonder if servicing costs would be really expensive too. You sure you’re not interested in the newer Daytonas instead? It would save you quite a bit, and I believe the new remodel makes it looks very similar to the vintage pre-daytonas.

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I am vintage watch collector and have been into it for about 12 years now. Nothing quite beats the patina and classic design.


@nuttun, I looked into newer ones, but don’t like the chunkier case and Olympic ring look on the newer ones. Maybe a zenith? But I still feel like I would be settling. At the moment I have a 1982 Tudor Big Block which scratches the vintage daytona itch a bit, but just makes you pine for the “real deal”.

@pikazardcollector, That is awesome! I am sure you are more well versed in collecting than I am then! What is your favorite piece? Any cool stories?

@funmonkey54, out of curiosity why was that necessarily? It was mentioned in passing and hardly could have been considered me advertising my stuff (no links or anything included). Just mere conversation.

Feel free to reach out by PM if you need clarification about how our no sales rule works.

I would hardly consider that any sort of sales plug, but I will respect rules if you feel that was in violation of anything. Sorry to derail the topic at hand.

Hmm, you’ve got a point. I think if you feel like you’re settling when you’re already paying 5 figures for a watch, you might as well aim for the one you want!

I do agree that the new daytonas are chunky, but it somehow grows on you. You’ll also feel less heartbroken if you accidentally bang it on the kitchen counter :wink:

That’s my theory. If I end up ever settling, I will end up selling it and spending more to get the one I truly wanted. But for better or for worse, I don’t need to worry about that atm!

See, if they made the bezel a little thinner (and maybe lost the crown guards) I would be all on board for a newer ceramic take on the classic design! Are you speaking from experience when on that one? I dropped a watch once but it was an inexpensive Caravelle devil diver. Still works just fine :blush: 40 years later and and it still lives up to being shock proof.

I think Scott collects new Rolex’s?

I do have a small collection of Pocketwatches from 1880-1920 about. Most belonged to family members that got passed down.

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Oh really? I never knew that about him! I had a new Rolex OP 39mm, but ended up trading it for my Big Block…something about that old stuff imo :blush:

That’s really awesome! Nothing like that ever passed down in my family. I think I only ever owned one pocket watch. To me it’s a much more formal affair; makes just stopping to check the time an occasion. Kind of funny to see how pulling your cell phone out of your pocket became the modern equivalent, albeit less personal and tactile.

Just joking about Scott.

The pocketwatches look super cool but I don’t think there’s much value really, But they are fun to play with.

@garyis2000, lol damnit Gary, getting me excited! Yeah, sometimes some of the more interesting and cool pieces don’t always have to cost a ton… same goes for cards really!

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That’s true…

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My grandfather started a watch company and had his own small factory. Sadly it fell apart due to mismanagement after he passed away, but I’ve always been interested… would love to get into collecting, we have a lot of vintage 70s parts lying around the house!

Its not an old man’s hobby, its just an old man’s budget lol :wink: