Wassup! - Aussie in Hong Kong - Chinese cards

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d say hello, and introduce myself. I was recommended by Alex to swing by.

My name is Andrew, and I am Australian, but I recently moved to Hong Kong (1 year ago.) I’m 25, and been collecting pokemon cards professionally for over 5 years. I’ve probably dealt with alot of different sellers over the years, but never really been active in poke forums. I’m super happy I stumbled across a place like this finally. =]

Being white and living in Hong Kong is super crazy, I spend half my time travelling around looking for Chinese base cards… which is soooo dam hard… but tons of fun for me. I stumble across a heap of random stuff; like what I posted below :slight_smile: hehehe

Best buy ever: was a 1st edition neo destiny box for $368, and a crystal expedition Charizard gem mint for 99cents.

Worst sale ever: was when I sold 3 mint base sets, unlimited, shadowless, and 1st edition for $600 >.<

Oh wells, it happens, but now days, It is incredibly hard to find deals online… and I truly am amazed at some of the collections I viewed here.

Hope you have a laugh below at the first 3 pictures of cards I found in Hong Kong;
The last lot of photos are some of my favourite pickups from the last year I found in person on the streets.



Ebay: skeetskeetmoment, aka: itsmineniggah


Hey Andrew - Welcome to the forum :blush:

Damn those Chinese Base Set cards are phenomenal. I’ve thought a few times about trying to assemble a set, but was put off by the amount of counterfeiting . . .

Really nice pictures - that Grimer is hilarious.

I personally love the Chinese cards! If you every go to Taiwan, you should see if you can pick up the EX Legend Maker Chinese cards :blush:

Oh nice, so it was a Taiwan only release ? I can’t say I have seen any of them out of all the dealers I’ve visited in Hong Kong. The pokemon scene is completely chewed up here. There are too many people.

Anyways, I found these along the way also. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what these are ? They are from 1998, a Bandai release, and look to be pokemon foldout cards, I haven’t seen them on ebay before. Just wondering if anyone had more info on these ? rarity ? promotional ? run rate ? #dopeopleevencareaboutbandai? lol.