wants shirts, have stuff

I live in australia
can sell etc

Worlds 07 competitor shirt
Worlds 08 competitor shirt
Worlds 08 volunteer shirt

I dont mind if they are used, just as long they are in good condition
I prefer size adult large but can use Adult M or adult XL sizes

2006 worlds competitor unused size adult lArge
2005 worlds competitor worn a few times not by myself but it was worn by 6p webmaster adam cap size adult m
2007 groundon red trading figure game. Worn by myself. Size adult. Xl
2009 worlds competitor unused adult size large
2010 worlds volunteer unused size adult medium
Red giratina jpn sleeves set of 62 x3 2008 sealed
Blue pokeball sleeves set of 60 x2 2006 sealed
Worlds 2011 playmat unused. Still have wrapper protection. Signed by 2 artists
Worlds 2010 playmat still good condition still have. Wrapper protection
Mew Pokemon 151 brand shirt, JAPANESE SIZE XL PINK - worn but great condition
Mew Pokemon 151 brand shirt, JAPANESE SIZE XL BLACK - worn but great condition
3x Japanese tropical beaches
Cards - just ask.

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