Video Editor for Coop's Collection 🎬✨

Hey everyone!

As my channel is rapidly approaching 200k subscribers, I’m looking for a talented video editor to join me and help take my content to the next level!

What I Need:

Long-Form Editing:
Edit my full (8 hours of footage) vendor POV videos down to engaging 30-90 minute long-form videos.

Full Uncut Releases:
Handle the release of full uncut videos.

Shorts Editing:
Create compelling shorts from the full vendor POVs.

Live Stream Edits:
Edit live streams into clips, shorts, and long-form videos.

Your Role:

I want to focus entirely on vending at card shows and live streaming to generate content, and I need someone who can support all aspects of video editing. This includes everything from long-form videos to shorts and clips, ensuring our content is top-notch and ready to share with our amazing community.

Apply Now:

If you’re passionate about video editing, love Pokémon, and want to be a part of an incredible journey, I’d love to hear from you! Please email your proposal, rates, and portfolio examples to

Let’s create something amazing together and continue spreading the joy of Pokémon to fans everywhere! :star2:



axypack on IG does contract work for a handful of large YouTubers. If you haven’t already, you might get a quote from them.


I teach video production to high school students; editing is such a fun and practical skill to have these days. If I weren’t so invested in my teaching career, my eBay store, and my own YouTube channels (I have a few), I’d definitely consider applying.

Wholesome content spreading joy throughout the community . . . I can’t think of a better person/channel to edit for, hopefully you find the right person. Best wishes Coop!