Victory Ring

How much is going this card? How rare is it? Its from one year only or from several years? (like Victory Medal for example)

The card usually sells for $80 - $100.00 USD. They made it for two years 2003 which just featured the ring and again in 2005 which featured Pikachu holding the ring ( $375.00 USD). I have heard that 56-96 2003 victory rings were made (most likely on the higher end as we see them all the time). and approx. 56 of the Pikachu victory rings as I believe those are significantly rarer.

It seems not so rare as I thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Its rare and still considered a trophy but its not on the same level as the grail cards. However the Pikachu victory ring is one of my favorites.

Where did you get it? You won Pika-ring?

Ive never heared about grail cards - Im little Charmander as you can see ;D

Hahaha no I wish I won it. I bought it last December for $350.00 if i recall correctly. Grail is short for “Holy grail” or the most desirable and rarest cards. That title is reserved for cards like: Pikachu Illustrator, Pre-release Riachu, Snap cards The 1997-99 trophy pikachu cards, The tropical mega battle trainers and the secret super battle trainers…etc. Pretty much all of the No.1,2,3 Trainer cards can be lumped in there, or any card with extremely limited quantity.

What does it mean “No.1,2,3 Trainer cards”? Ive seen that several times, but cant understand it yet.

Thanks for picture :blush: Above is pretty much what the grail cards are about. No.1,2,3 trainers are certification cards and are either 1.) Recieved from winning a regional tournament (usually 7-9 were held) or 2.) Awarded to the winners of a large tournament such as worlds. The 1,2,3 corresponds to the place the winner finished. These cards were given out in limited quantity usually between the 3-9 range.

Here are some photos of the early ones:¤t=Trophypikapage.jpg¤t=SsbTmbPagecloser.jpg

Wow, thanks to both of you guys (sorry, 1x guy, 1x girl ;D ). There should be a list of owners of these cards. Such a pitty, that there is almost no chance to get these Trainers :confused:

No problem :blush: Its pretty hard to even track down the owners because their are so few of these, not to mention some would rather remain anonymous.

Um, quite a few are with the members of this very forum :blush:

That there are! But its not really a fraction of the owners if you include every No.1,2,3 trainer from every year…and its not really my place to start naming names :blush: I’m sure if they will post if they want to.

Meh; we have them now! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Yes, Ive seen some pics, so I have an idea who has it :wink:

Too bad pro boards didn’t give you an option of creating an image gallery. The UPCCC as a whole would have one amazing collection! :blush:

That’s what your site can be for. Which reminds me, I need to upload the catalogues!

What catalogues are you talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good. I have been on vacation the past week so I will resume work on it in a couple days!