Value of WOTC 1998 Demo Game Plastic Pack with tiny rip?

Hey all,

I recently purchased a 1998 Demo Game pack from Dave and Adam’s for just a bit under $200…however, upon receiving it and inspecting this evening, there is a small tear in the pack:

My question is, does that small tear completely devalue this pack? Obviously, this is only a worthwhile collectible as a piece of Pokemon history due to its packaging (since the cards inside are just pre-determined common Shadowless cards), so trying to figure out if it’s still worth holding onto seeing as how other packs, even with similar/bigger rips, are on eBay for $200-300. (I do already have one in Mint condition if that matters, but I wanted a second one to keep one loose and ungraded and the other one graded).

Thanks for any advice, i’m pretty bummed as the pack would otherwise be in pretty decent shape!

I think someone mentioned here that they got a bunch and all were damaged…hence the lower price.

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Makes perfect sense, thanks…just a bit bummed and annoyed because they listed it as ‘new’ and did not mention any sort of damage at all on their site.

All good, have decided to return it since it’s always going to bother me and there’s certainly other cards/packs I can put that ~$200 towards. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my comment above, “they” were Dave and Adams. They got a bunch of damaged packs. In other words…don’t exchange it for another pack.


It’s packed up and I asked for a full refund…it’s definitely on them if they’re not going to adequately describe sealed product as expensive as these packs.

I wish I would have known beforehand that all their packs were damaged, thank you! Since they sold all of them minus this one now, I guess there are plenty of folks that are content with damaged packs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had something similar happen with one of my sealed japanese products. Seller didn’t offer returns but gave me a full refund as compensation and to quickly end the case.

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