Value of PSA Grading

Hello again,
I found in my closet a perfect condition Torchic star that I had put in a hard plastic case the moment I got it (past me looking out for future me, I guess?). I’ve seen on eBay that PSA-assessed cards tend to fetch markedly more at auction than non-assessed cards. Knowing that the one card similar to mine that was PSA certified sold for $120 and that all the others sold for ~$70, is it worth it for me to shell out the $17 + shipping and insurance to get my card verified/checked, or do you think I have very little chance of obtaining any real benefit? I obviously understand that if these values were certain that it would be worth it, but I can’t tell if the $120 was just a lucky sell or if it would be possible to replicate. Thanks in advance!

You’re definitely right, PSA graded cards do usually go for more than non-graded cards. Usually on stuff like gold stars, if your card is in mint condition, then it’s worth it. Do keep in mind that PSA is extremely particular, any edge whitening, scratches on the holo pattern or anywhere else on the card, and general wear can bring the grade down. If you’ve kept it in a toploader ever since you got it then you should be good, but I would check it again just to be sure.

The cost of PSA grading one card without a membership can be high. There’s the initial $17 grading fee, fees to ship/insure the card on its way to PSA, and then fees to ship/insure the card back to you. I think for one card I ended up paying around $43 total.

Going off of what you’ve said, your card should either score a 9 or an 8. Of course I can’t be certain, but it should be in good condition.

If it gets a 9, here’s an auction up right now that you should watch:

If it gets an 8, it would be worth significantly less, and the price could depend on who really wants it at auction.

Thank you! If my card IS similar in quality to the one you have linked, would I be best off putting it up at auction or setting a buy-it-now price similar to OR slightly below the selling price of the auction you linked? Thanks!

@dannyboy2233 I would suggest putting it up as a buy-it-now with best offer, with a price slightly higher than the recent auction ending price. Due to the rarity of the card, there’s no rush to sell, as its value will remain pretty steady. Unless you want to sell fast, and then auction-style would be the best.

Thank you! That solves my problem.

If you want to get it graded. You can send it to me and I can get it graded for you. I send in a “bulk” monthly submission. So it usually ends up costing people around $9 per card plus return shipping of $3 (for 1 card).