Value of PSA 10 English Southern Islands set

I haven’t found any complete set sold listings, and the most valuable card (PSA 10 Mew) sells for a hefty penny by itself. Does anyone have any data, or are willing to share any offers they’ve received lately?

Iv only seen this:, which made me wonder if it actually sold.

If any of those numbers are accurate I’m breaking out some of the MANY I have and off to PSA they’ll go,

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@garyis2000 the S.I. Mew in PSA 10 has been a chase card for awhile: I don’t know about the above sale but they’re definitely worth grading if you have them (and want to sell).

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Don’t Gary, I need the pop report to stay low :rofl:


You could add up these to get a rough total, just paste into excel and sum the column