USPS In-Transit Question

How many days should a USPS package be stuck in transit before you start worrying as a seller/buyer?

I sold something that has been in transit for 45 days and I’ve contacted them the last 15 days and nothing has changed if you cant get it to keep going tell the person buyer or seller. I’m just trying to refund the guy and let him keep them if they show but ebay wont let me do that so I’m stuck atm

USPS is super backed up right now, most of my packages say the same thing. Usually it just means the packages are sitting in a truck outside of a sorting facility waiting to be processed. I’ve had packages say “in transit arriving late” for over a week and a half, it’s just how things are right now.

Normally I call if something hasn’t scanned or had an event in ~7 Business days.

But with usps overloaded right now it’s not uncommon for a package to not have an event for 7 business days. I haven’t been calling lately and packages have been shaking loose on their own.

Also, I feel like lately USPS has been giving random events stating “package is moving to next destination in the USPS system”. Which may or may not be true, but it never actually gives an event at a location. Which leads me to believe that because a lot of their packages are running behind they’re giving out these events to keep customers from nagging them and calling them so much.