Upgrading from psa9 to psa10, how to sell the 9s?

I have been thinking lately that I would rather have psa 10’s where possible rather than psa 9’s. At first I did not care about 10’s.
I have a complete 1st ed rocket holo set in 9, and a base 2 holo set in 9. But both are not to expensive to get in 10s. So that is what I plan to do.

What I want to know is if you were going to upgrade your own collection even if it was base 1st edition or even a set that is not WOTC, would you sell your 9’s as a whole set before you start buying 10s, would you sell your 9’s individually as you got the 10 to replace them with, or would you wait to sell your 9’s after you completed the 10 set?

I hope this question makes sense, thanks!

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Make sure you consider the TR magneton, rainbow energy and charizard prices before you embark on this journey


Comes down to personal preference really. Depends on how much time you have to wait to sell. Some 10’s are really cheap you are right, but as PFM said there are some expensive cards there. PSA 10 1st rocket charizard goes for almost what the whole 9 set will get you. Base 2 9 sales are fairly cheap. Haven’t looked at that set in a long time, but again just the charizard in 10 will probably cost almost your whole 9 set.

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Yeah, I have been hoping to see a psa 10 base 2 charizard go to auction.
Maybe not a pwcc auction but I want to see what it would go for in that setting, I may be willing to go higher than it would go for.

I just talked to a guy on instagram today, he said he sold 3 with consecutive serial numbers for about 400-450 each less than a year ago.
But I think in an auction one would probably go for double that.

I would 100% keep the 9 sets and work on the 10s as a new project. This is the best long term strategy;)


Not everyone goes for a 10s because some are just too expensive! I try to strictly collect 9s because they are always at a friendlier price!


Best advice here.

I think you would get more selling the sets complete if you decide to part with them. You can list them at a stupid high price with Best Offer and see how you do. It might take 2-3 months to get a number you’re happy with, but it’s the best option really.

You should keep them, because I think they’re really underpriced atm… I see so many cards selling for $20-30, that doesn’t even cover the cost of a weighed booster pack these days. The market will adjust soon. I’m not expecting any less than a 100% increase across the board on WOTC holos in mint condition a year or two from now.

Whatever you do, buy the Charizards first! TR is still affordable. Base 2 is harder to find, but I’d guess you can find one for $1200 or so.


I would totally agree with @garyis2000

Keep the 9s and start 10s as new project pick up all the cheap ones and then decide on more expensive individual cards,

If you don’t have this luxury I would try sell as complete sets with a small 5-10% premium on picking up on their own, I wouldn’t rush to sell them as that way you won’t get the full market value,

Two great sets, have the Tm Rocket myself and pondering on Base 2 awhile :grin:

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Just wondering, wouldn’t the 10’s increase in price faster, so it would make sense to sell the 9’s to buy 10’s asap?

10s have already experienced a nice increase and should continue to. 9s haven’t begun their move yet…but they will;)


So I essentially decided to keep the rocket set, however I wanted to use it to draw traffic to me.
I put a super high price and a really high auto decline price, and today I got this message:

Funny thing is I sold my psa 7 1st ed charizard in April for 850, which was the highest ebay selling price at that point. It is interesting to see how fast the value has increased on it.
Anyway, I figure this is a scam, and also I have never had trade offers through eBay, so a response could get me in trouble I imagine.

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I have heard from IG that this very same eBay user is trading this card for other eBay listings. One example was to trade a PSA 10 unlimited Charizard. This is 99% a scam (1% because there might still be hope in this world).


That name did look super familiar to me but I couldn’t place it, but I would never trade someone like that and send first. I would either let them send first or use a trusted middle man. But I am pretty sure this is just a scam so I didn’t really pursue it.

oh god this fucking guy again. Yeah look at the eBay garbage thread that I posted in this guy is a TOTAL scammer I’ve gotten 3 of his ebay user names suspended as well as paypal. Just go ahead and look at that thread and read how big of a POS he is.

PLEASE report him to eBay he already has a couple flags on the account (eBay rep told me) they haven’t deleted the username yet which REALLY annoys me because he hides behind his 190 positive feedback to others. I’m actually going to call them again soon to ask why they haven’t deleted his username yet.

PSA 9 1st Edition Rocket Holo Set is my first goal for 2018!