UPDATED: DP and DPt boxes/sets prices

url=http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n102588664]Is this worth it?[/url]I think it is but I only want the BW1 UR/SR’s[/s]

Please see the latest questions, all of your help appreciated!

I also want to know how much a full Neo 4 (including Shinings) is worth. I’ve put an offer for $300 - what do you guys think its worth?

Ignore this one I’ve worked out a deal with the seller. I would like to know about the link above though. In particular, are the cards 1st ed? I can’t tell :angry:

The 7000 Yen is not too bad. Theres 5 SR/UR, 2 Legend Sets, and Alph Lithograph. Thats less than 1000 Yen a piece which isn’t too bad.

Thanks Scott, I got them. Guess where they’ll be making a detour :wink:

Who knew SR’s aren’t marked 1st ed? That is probably a good thing in the long run of the price of these things (I’m assuming they still turn up in the unlimited booster packs)

I am seriously blind! I held Terrakion in my hands and I couldn’t see the 1st ed symbol. Then I went on collectorviper to have a look and couldn’t see it on there either! I should’ve looked at Victini - its there bright as day. I did think it was odd there wasn’t a symbol, hence my post!

OK guys more:

  1. page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w53754004

Is that worth it (and can someone confirm that is the full set?)


Same seller has the Gold version too. $200 for 140 cards seems steep to me, even if it is a large set and it has the Legends (how much to they go for anyway? I’m going to have duplicates)

  1. There are loads of DP and DPt boxes on Y!J, ranging from around 3000-4800 yen. Are these worth it? I want to be able to complete sets, if I can get a set a box (excluding LEGEND cards), I think that is totally worth it and will go ahead and buy