Untapped Potential of Steam Siege

Hey all,

I just wanted to let you all know about big rumblings in the steam siege market. The average price of a steam siege booster box has recently increased from $79.95 to a whopping $80.05. I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. I have opened up a second mortgage on my house and have bought roughly a mid-life crisis worth of booster boxes. I believe that after this silly first edition base fad blows over, people will finally wake up and realize possibly the biggest sleeper set to grace this hobby. This investment will couple greatly with my growing emerging powers stockpile. My children and wife do not understand the long term gains of my financial decisions. They are always complaining about how the ceiling is leaking again while I chuckle and order more steam siege. In 10 years they’ll understand and appreciate my foresight.

I would like to hear your thoughts on my financial moves over the last few days, and if you want to hop in the market, you probably have another week or so to join me before steam siege gets crazy and increases another 10 cents. Step aside Day-traders!

Merry Christmas,

Mr. Milk



The real money’s on clefairy from base set sir.

@mrmilk, your not wrong, if me & you buy up the market we might, just might be able to push the price too $81,

Well worth the return on investment! :grin:

Merry Christmas! :blush:

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Prices are getting ridiculous. Hopefully these cards see a reprint like Evolutions.


That’s what I call a Christmas miracle!

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Sorry mrmilk, but the true sleeper set is Emerging Powers. That’s why we always smack it down, to keep prices lower than the value of dirt, cornering the market.

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