Unnumbered Old Back Japanese Promos [skeleton]

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This will be a guide for old back promos. The idea is to make a logical grouping of the different old back releases, categorize variant, show images, provide release details

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Possible layout: SINGLE CARD

Surfing Pikachu

August 15, 1997 ; November 15, 1998
Glossy :heavy_check_mark: Non-glossy :heavy_multiplication_x:

Release Info

This card was released in a two-card insert alongside Imakuni? in the September 1997 issue of CoroCoro Comic.

A mail-in prize draw offering another copy of the Japanese print was published in the December 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic. People wishing to enter the prize draw were required to affix the application ticket on the bottom left of the article page to a postcard and send it to Shogakukan. Two thousand winners were sent a set of five cards mounted on two plain sheets: Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu on one; Jynx, Cubone, and Farfetch’d on the other.

Both prints are on glossy card stock (and are indistinguishable?).

Possible layout: GROUP OF CARDS

CoroCoro Comic

August 15, 1997
Glossy :heavy_check_mark: Non-glossy :heavy_multiplication_x:

Release Info

These cards were released in a two-card insert alongside in the September 1997 issue of CoroCoro Comic.


World Hobby Fair Special Sheet

December 1997 - February 1998
Glossy :heavy_check_mark: Non-glossy :heavy_multiplication_x:

WHF Mewtwo

Regarded as unofficial additions to the Vending Series collection, dubbed ‚ÄúSeries 00‚ÄĚ due to the ‚Äú#00‚ÄĚ that can be seen on the back of the sheet.

Unpeeled Sheet

Release Info

Location Date
Fukuoka Dome December 7, 1997
Makuhari Messe, Chiba January 10-11, 1998
Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka February 1, 1998
Sapporo Community Dome, Sapporo February 8, 1998
Nagoya Dome, Nagoya February 15, 1998

A Special Limited Expansion Sheet could be purchased from vending machines at venues hosting the 7th Next Generation World Hobby Fair. All three cards are affixed to a single sheet and can be peeled off, similar to the Vending series cards.

Card File Electabuzz

June 13, 1997
Glossy :heavy_check_mark: Non-glossy :heavy_multiplication_x:

Official Card File

Release Info

This card was included loose alongside the ‚ÄúCard File‚ÄĚ (4-pocket sleeve pages) sold in toy stores for 500 yen.

GB Promo Cards

Card Release date
Dragonite December 18, 1998
Meowth January 15, 1999
Venusaur January 28, 1999
Dark Venusaur March 9, 2001
Dark Ivysaur March 9, 2001
Great Rocket’s Mewtwo March 28, 2001
Lugia March 28, 2001
Dark Fearow April 12, 2001

Release Info

This set of promo cards were released to commemorate the launch of a spin-off video-game series called ‚ÄėPok√©mon Trading Card Game‚Äô ( „ÉĚ„āĪ„ÉĘ„É≥„āę„Éľ„ÉČÔľßÔľĘ) for Game Boy and Game Boy Color based on the Pok√©mon Trading Card Game. These cards can also be referred to as GB promos, as they display a ‚ÄėGB‚Äô symbol in place of the Expansion symbol, indicating it was originally created exclusively for the Game Boy.