UniKarp, to grade or not to grade?

Hello guys,

So recently I stumbled upon this University Magikarp.

Now the only problem is that it is in bad quality (I bought it anyway).

As you can (hopefully) see (I know, quality of pics is not that good), it has alot of whitening, and has dirt on it, scratches, you name it. Is it still “worth” to grade? And by grade I mean, just get it authenticated, or should I just leave it sleeved and toploadered?


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Mmmm personally I would authenticate it, and keep it in my personal collection.

Something about a PSA case makes anything look better!


Congrats on obtaining this card! It is a very rare item, regardless of its condition.

As for grading it, that is entirely up to you. I personally would suggest at least authenticating the card, and having it slabbed for protection. Typically items of this value are best stored individually, ie, graded/authenticated, recessed screw down case, or another hard plastic case. Hope this helps your decision!

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Thanks for your insights, for now I will check my Local Card shop for a screw down case tomorrow as I have never graded any cards, and I have a feeling getting everything just right in the PSA submission form might take some time :blush:

Do they accept submissions for only one card at a time?

Yep! You can submit as few or as many cards as you’d like, unless the service has a minimum requirement such as a monthly special or a bulk rate. Hope that helps :blush:

Being as you haven’t submitted before, why not send it through the forum grading service?

Who’d have thought Magikarp would be so highly sought after … I wonder, how much does this card go for in this shape?

Hard to say, I don’t think most collectors would pay more then a couple hundred.

Only price tag I know of was a mint one selling earlier last year for a little over $1000

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One went in a lot i found for 20,000 JPY … sigh wish I got that lot and dis other one instead of the big 91,000 lot. Lol… How much you pay for this damaged one? Check your private messages, I messaged you…

It is difficult to give an estimate on this condition. PSA higher graded examples can earn easily in the thousands. Basically it is difficult to give an exact estimate.

I probably will do that since I have no experience whatsoever plus living in europe seems to complicate things as well…

I bought this for about 35k Yen, which in Euro’s is around 273€, initially it was 40k Yen, but since I acted I didn’t want to pay that amount they lowered to about 5k yen en threw in a JPN Shining Kabutops (which is NM). As for the message, I haven’t received any :slightly_frowning_face:

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i could of sworn i saw this card on ebay graded last week for £95


Lol I think you’re thinking of the WEB Series one :blush:

That one is significantly cheaper then the University one!

arh yes sounds about right haha it looks the same through at first glance??

yeah one on the right i just remeber the picture i dont collect these at all ive only seen one in pasting when browing someones collection