Ungraded Gold Stars off of eBay/yahoo jpn/online store

Just curious how many people have bought ungraded gold stars off of these sites and got good grades (9 or 10) :blush:

Out of all the gold stars I have bought off of ebay, I consider myself lucky in that at least half of them were PSA 8 and up. Do keep in mind that I have only bought around 30 over the past few years.


I’d say the proper answer would be “everyone” who’s bought gold stars has probably gotten at least one 9 or better.

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It depends on who you buy from. I literally just saw a description on YJ! that read, “there is such a wound, a dirt”, wow! Typically on YJ! if it does not say that it is unused, it is not mint.

Also, Yahoo Japan is not as clear cut as ebay. It is easier to determine condition on ebay than YJ!.