Uncut boxtopper sheet value

A friend of me just found this, anyone an idea about the value?

Someone is offering him a next destinies boosterbox, I think that he should not accept that offer?

I don’t collect sheets so I don’t keep up to date about what they go for but I would say thats a good offer as boxtoppers don’t go for much in general to the best of my knowledge.

Well, the charizard boxtopper is worth about 25$ (even more), and it’s 4x on the sheet.
So I think that the offer isn’t so great?

It’s not a Neo Destinies box, but a Black & White next destinies box :wink:

I think that sheet is quite a bit more rare than a Next Destinies box. Personally, I would not trade it as I have never seen a box topper sheet of any kind.

Condition means everything…

yea true condition means everything but ur friend should get something rare out of it for that kinda sheet.plus it has mostly all crystal cards and even for a boxtopper they are around 10-15 each and charizard is more.

Holy crap. That is awesome. I must have it!!! That would set my jumbo collection apart from everyone else’s (except PokePop).

I’d give a Next Destinies booster box for that any day. In fact, I’d probably give most of my Gold Star cards for it.

Do you know how he got it?

Question is
how do we know if it has been tampered with?

Sheets are usually bigger than that and I don’t see color bars which is a indication that it may have been cut off somewhere in the middle of an actual fuller sheet.

This is really tiny so it’s size should be concerning.

Plus look at the edges of the sheet it looks like this was a forced square cut not naturally square by being full sheet.

To me it also looks like the edges are uneven,

I dunno I think we should hear more about it before we value this.

We should know the answers to questions like

How did he get it?
Where did he get it?
Who did he get it from?

japanime knows about sheets with his time with those sports card sheets

I’m sure he will agree something is off looking about this sheet.

We should also see what the back looks like.

If we do not see a color bar on the back or some kind of significance the sheet ends it might be safe to assume it has been tampered with.

The low quality of the photograph makes it really tough to determine exactly what we’re looking at. But the reflections and shadows are rather odd, suggesting to me that the sheet might have significant damage.

Also, I definitely agree with Pokefan’s observations about the sheet looking “off.” I’ve personally never seen a card sheet consisting of just 16 cards. Full sheets are generally much larger than that. To print a sheet that small would be very expensive.

I’d be quite cautious about buying this item before knowing more about it.

Typically sheets that were not altered will have the color bars at the bottom. This one looks like it does not.

Also, the right side looks thinner than the left.

The only sheets that do have 16 cards to them is the japanese holo card sheets.

This is not japanese so I would not trust it.

Poketrade I sent you a message could you please get back to me on my question regarding this item?

Please do remember that these cards are larger than normal, so a same-sized sheet would consist of fewer cards than a normal card sheet would.

Having said that, I think our proof of tampering comes from the right side being significantly smaller than the left. It looks like someone took a paper cutter to a bigger sheet and screwed up. But, when you phrase it like that, it could be a screw up by the company who actually cut the cards.

Regardless there should always be a border of some kind
I highly doubt the actual WOTC company would take half a sheet or part of a sheet to distribute then discard the rest of the sheet as is.

They usually do have it to away where they use up everything any anything left over is in tact.

Besides too risky to assume this is a rare occurrence that this is a company result vs a person result.

We need more info on this.

So is the item still available?
How much is the asking price?

I’m the one who received this uncut sheet.
The sheet is not in English but the upper half in German and the other half in Italian.
It’s not in perfect condition, but I don’t really mind. It has some glue on it and I think that is why the factory tossed this sheet in the bin.

It looks genuine to me, but then again I’m no expert on uncut sheets.

Will you take some better pictures? :blush:

I’ll do that :wink:

Thank you!

I didn’t have much time this morning but here are some pictures I took with my Phone:

Instead of what I said before the upper half is in Italian and the other half of the sheet is in German. As you can see it has some scratches and glue on it.
Most things I collect I want in mint condition, but I wanted this sheet for the history and beauty of the sheet so I don’t really care about it.