Umbreon Vmax Discussion Thread

Well it depends on what you call alt art, but labeled as “alt art” and released via booster boxes/set and making them popular then it would be S&M.

Not BW shiny Pokémon, the full art SR cards from BW’s first concept pack SC Shiny Collection. The ‘Shiny’ for this set refers to the use of confetti holo on entirety of every card

I’m not talking about the first full arts, im talking about the first alt arts.

Then you’ll have to go all the way back to the original era. For example, Snap Contest Pikachu is Base Set Pikachu with the winner’s photo as the ‘alternative artwork’

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EVS (and eevee heroes) had a reprint and prices are higher than they were before the reprint, so I would say it is not another vivid voltage

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In that sense yeah, but still we don’t know if the next new shiny set is yet to be delivered, as for now it is the hot thing, could change in a second with scarlet & violet release.

Well, I doubt Scarlet and Violet will change anything, but there’s at least 30-35 alt arts coming in VSTAR Universe/SWSH 12.5. That kind of flood may impact them or maybe nothing will happen since these alts will be a lot more common.

Exactly, at this point is pure speculation which makes me return to my original point, i do not have enough information nor price history to give a “feeling” about the card.

Perhaps in a year or more, we’ll see how it goes.

My opinion comes from a different place, but also has a sort of pessimist approach: I just dont care.

Regardless of price or any aspects of fundamentals, a card that was just released and mass produced in sets exceeding heavy price tags as it is just sounds like disaster to me. The thing is, we can’t predict the future but what we can say is people are more turned on than ever to go out to attack the next big thing. Hidden fates Charizard was in that same boat. It went to crazy levels and then came back down to reality. And thats not to say that umbreon will do the same, but moreso i use this as my reasoning as to why i just dont enter this market to begin with. Its a lot of stress, speculation, and hamster wheel discussions that come with it to where i prefer to stay in the grasp of what i like to collect and what to me seems reasonable.

In the end, its just another thing for now. In 3 years, well probably see another card go crazy from another set that may seem well put together. The cycle will continue on and on and it really just boils down to where one sees themself in that mix. If you like it, buy it when reasonable for you. If you want to invest, play the speculation game. If you rather something more calm (like myself), explore other options.

Really not much more to say there for me but theres my heavy take lol.


What do you think from a purely art specific point of view? Just curious :slight_smile:

Well in that sense and in a matter of pure opinion of course, I still reflect back to the first statement in my first comment which is that I really just dont care enough about it to have an opinion. My liking of art stems from a massive combination of things that goes beyond just how something looks, so with that in mind it just does nothing for me as it kind of is what it is. I dont like the idea of giant pokemon, so any VMAX to me Im prone to not caring for as a whole.


OK… to expand… how about the texture and holo as a standalone? :grinning:

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us, only sky

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

It’s a cool card but I’m tried of hearing about it all the time haha. I don’t own one and have never pulled one. Probably will never have one honestly. I can appreciate the art and the weird phenomena that it’s been for this era of the tcg, but I don’t care too much for it.

It does make me wonder how this current generation of kids getting into the tcg views it though. I wonder if it’s kind of like the “base set Charizard” of this generation. Even though it’s much harder to pull than Charizard was :joy:

Like you are the cool kid if you have it and bring it to school. (Presumably in a top loader at least? Who knows if kids are as reckless with their cards as we were)

When it first came out it was nowhere near as hyped as it is now… the general consensus on release of Eevee heroes was that the V was the superior art… the same for Evolving Skies release… and then I think a few YT’ers were hyping the Vmax and the rest is history! I love both… but I’m probably biased :laughing:

That hasn’t been my experience. Everybody in the public poke-sphere I remember was trying to pull that thing when it came out and it’s been the most expensive card in the set since the beginning if I remember correctly. I think the discussion on it has shifted more to why it kept rising in price for seemingly no real reason, the POP reports, the stonk-age of it and its sudden retrace from highs.

At least that’s what I’ve seen

There’s no doubt that it was always the most expensive but not the favourite art, but you’re probably right that it’s subjective and may only have been the groups I am involved in :blush: It’s probably my favourite in hand when you take account of holo and texture as well as art. Interested to see what happens going forwards :+1:

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The umbreon vmax alt art is fantastic but I find pretty much every v alt art, including the umbreon, better than their vmax counterpart (which is good for my wallet).

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On an interesting note, Troll and Toad has reduced their buy list price for Moonbreon down to $75. From what I recall it was around $300-$400 for a NM raw copy not too long ago. Seeing something like this might limit someone from buying the card $400 raw hoping to hit a 10, then seeing it’s only a 9 and sending it off to TnT to get their money back.